It’s A Beautiful Morning….

Warm, sunny summer weather….at least to start, which is better for me because this is the best time of day…..sitting on the deck with my coffee watching the birds and the neighbourhood slowly wake up and start their day.

And enjoying my hanging basket which is finally starting to look like it should!


All that’s going to change this afternoon though…..rain, even a chance of thunderstorms later into the evening and over night.  Better then than now!!

Yesterday was such a fun day!

It was nice going over to Rita’s for her husbands “tribute”.  Lots of good food and a little catching up with her kids and younger sisters, who used to babysit my kids!  They all have kids of their own now too.

The first thing she said to me was that she was so very sorry for saying what she did a couple of years ago……we definitely are NOT lucky.  All was fine, I would never have said anything anyway just because of how she is and the drama that often went with her anger or frustration or whatever…..just wasn’t a big deal.  She said she’s going to come over for wine…..we’ll see if she actually does.

Then home to my party….or my SIL’s party for my niece.  The whole family, on Ken’s side, was here except for one niece still in Calgary and my nephew’s wife that was up in the Okanagan at her parents place.  The weather cooperated too….sunny-ish most of the time and warm, although thunder was rumbling for a good part of the afternoon, even a few flashes of lightening, there were only a few drops of rain which wasn’t enough to move the party inside.

The kids had lots of fun running around and the adults even got in a few games of lawn darts (I still have the old illegal kid) and bocce.  The little kids lined their chairs up on the sidewalk and became the cheering section for the grandmas when we took on their dads.  Lots of food, burgers and hotdogs, chips, salads, cakes, including a rice crispy treat that my niece made that looked like watermelon….everybody likes those!!

All in all a crazy, hectic afternoon but lots of fun.  Bev and Rae and Glen joined us too…to me that just means the more the merrier!!

My DIL had dropped the two youngest ones off early while she went in to a course that she was taking….they were so good, even helping with some of the last minute clean up.

I still think it’s a good idea to get the family together once or twice a year instead of trying to make all the various birthday celebrations throughout the year.  There are just too many of us now and what the heck would we talk about if we seen each other every week or every second week???  This way there is lots of catching up to do and…….less things to find to complain about one of the others…’s just how it goes.

The grass guy did show up…at 10, not 9 but at least he got here.  What a mess they left though…..I was cursing and swearing at them, after they’d left….. when I went downstairs to tidy up the patio…..grass everywhere!!  I thought that’s what their blower thing was for….and what made me even madder was the fact that they’d tromped all over it, so it was not that easy to sweep off….argh.  And then…….when I noticed that they hadn’t weed whacked around my new rock bed I also noticed more grass clippings all over the rocks too!  I really do need to get rid of this guy….I don’t know why I’m finding this so hard to do…. yesterday I mentioned that there were still a lot of weeds…even after the weed and feed treatment a couple of weeks ago, he said he thought it was a lot better!!  Yes a bit but that’s not the point…I paid for that treatment and expect to get value for my dollar.  He told me to cancel “The Weedman” because he could do the same thing for half the price…..definitely half the price but also half the service….argh.  He wasn’t very chatty, which is unusual for him….said after the truck being stolen he was ready to pack it all in….I just hope he remembers to tell me if he does so I’m not waiting around for weeks for him to come and do the grass!!

Today I think I will do a lot of nothing….reading and enjoying the deck while I can is about all I have planned.  The weather is supposed to be crappy again tomorrow but looking better after that….maybe summer will get here yet!!



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