New Fence Done!


And I’m very happy with it.  They did a great clean up job all around the area they were working too, which is great.  All the extra dirt, from the post holes, was used to cover up the cement around the posts and then the rest neatly spread around.  A good decision on my part to get the side yard fence done too.  I just know that thing would have fallen over sooner than later and I would have regretted not having it done when I could have….it was a no brainer really but I still had to think it to death.  I would have rather spent that extra $800 on something else….but common sense prevailed!

I had a great day with my granddaughter yesterday.  We went to the big box craft store to get a picture framed but spent more time looking around at every else in there.  She really liked all the beads and various stickers for scrapbooking.  That might be a fun thing to do with them one of these days.  The picture I had framed was one I bought on my Middle East trip in 2014.  I paid the equivalent of $2 for it so didn’t want to spend a fortune having it framed but because it was on canvas, it wasn’t a pic that you could just slip into a frame.  I have spent months looking for the right frame and finally found it a few weeks ago.  They called last night and said it was ready!  They used my frame, which was $9 and to have the mapping, stretching and framing done was only $20 including tax!  Good deal, I think.  This will be one of the first pics to go on the big empty wall in the family room, where I hope to eventually put up a bunch of these pictures.

Over the years on holidays I’ve always tried to pick up a picture from wherever we are….my preference is black and white, or sepia toned, pencil or ink drawings but those aren’t always what I end up with.  I also like to buy them at markets where the artist has them on display.  Or better still….a picture that we took ourselves….but those are far and few between….or at least ones that are good enough that I would enlarge and put into a frame.


Pont du Gard….bought in the parking lot!  Sagrada Familia….bought from an artist outside the cathedral.




one of our photos…Arc de Triomphe at night.

We also went for lunch and had fun playing the game on the back of the kids menu placemat.  Then we headed into a couple more shops, one a scholastic bookstore where I was hoping we’d find some French language books but it was not to be.  Came home and watered plants, fed cats and then snuggled down to watch a movie (Nancy Drew).

They all came for dinner, which my DIL had pre-ordered and picked up on her way over so it was nice not to have to make anything.  Pizza, lasagna, salad, ribs, chicken, bread….we were all stuffed.  All in all, a fun day!

Today is an outside day, rain or shine…or just plain old cloudy.  I’m off to get some gravel and more stones, 1×1’s this time, to finish off the corner next to the patio.  There’s a tap over there so it’s a good place to keep the hose holder.  It also needs to have the stones down because when the gutters overflow above it, it splatters dirt and mud all over the patio and that corner of the house.  I was going to get this done earlier in the spring but didn’t of course….found other stuff to do first….which is probably a good thing considering they had to dig that corner up to put the new fence in.

Tomorrow I’m having the family, or at least I hope most of them, over here for my nieces birthday.  She’s here visiting from Alberta, with her son (same age as my grandson), so  a good opportunity for all the cousins to get together….which doesn’t happen too often anymore.  I just hope the weather is a little better but I think that is strictly wishful thinking on my part… least I hope it doesn’t pour all day.  Although thunderstorms are in the forecast for tomorrow evening.  Kind of silly to have planned this because of the crappy summer weather we’re having but oh well…..what are you going to do.  Just have to suck it up and hope for the best.  The little kids will have fun, rain or shine, and there is at least some covered area under the deck that they can play in.



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