Where Has Time Gone…..

It’s supposed to be sunny, at least according to my countertop weather station, and I guess it probably is SOMEWHERE!  Ah sigh…….I feel like I’m getting ripped off here.  I have not worn anything but jeans for weeks.  I bought some really cute summery capris a month ago and they are still in the bag with the tags on them….maybe next week.

The fence is pretty well done.  The gate will get put on today and then I’ll have the painting/staining to work on over the rest of the summer….as long as it’s not raining of course.

The fence guy is a very nice man.  His daughter and my daughter went to school together and his wife still runs a daycare, which she’s done for as long as I can remember.  During the school year I see her walking by with all the kids (sometimes 8 or 9 of them…I know a couple of them are her grandchildren) on the way to school.  There is even one in a wheelchair!  She pushes a stroller with all their backpacks in it and chats and laughs with them.  Some hold her hand others just all walk along telling her things or asking questions.  They seem to have a good time….she does this rain or shine.  She also has a little doggie that walks with them and rides in the empty stroller on the way back.

I think the fence helper, who looks to be about 15 or 16, is one of their grandsons.  Both of them work really hard.  Dave is very patient, explaining things and getting him to re-measure this, straighten that, unload the cement etc.

As I was sitting on the deck, doing a Sudoku puzzle instead of whatever I should have been doing, I was listening to them…..if that is his grandson, just how lucky he is to have a grandpa like that.  At some point in the morning a couple of the daycare kids or  grandchildren wandered over to say hi and ask if they wanted anything….Dave joked and told them he was going to put them work….they all laughed and scampered back down the street.

What is really neat is that I’ve sort of known these people for 35 years…..our kids went to school together, soccer, dancing, softball or whatever else they all did over the years.  That’s quite amazing really and now to see, if this young lad is a grandson, him at this age, like I’d seen his mom or dad.  And to see Dave and Mary now….older of course, like me….who would have thought 30 years ago what our lives would be like or that I’d still be living here to see this today.  It really made me think about how time has flown by and all that has happened over those years.  Our lives have changed, our kids have grown up and now have their own kids, we’ve all gotten older…lots of grey and a few extra pounds, some of us are gone.  It made me a little sad but also made me smile…..

My granddaughter is visiting for the day….not sure just yet what our plans are but we’ll figure something out.  I have a few places I’d like to go so we’ll probably have lunch somewhere and do a bit of shopping…maybe pedicures!




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