The fence guy showed up when he said he would!  Within 15 minutes they’d unloaded the panels, posts and bags of cement and had started tearing down….or just simply knocking down….the old side yard fence.


He said he’d have it finished tomorrow, which I truly think will happen.  I know it seems silly to get excited about something like this but it does make my day when everything goes as planned.

Had a nice lunch with G yesterday.  We didn’t get to the Thai restaurant that we’d planned on going to because of traffic….just wow!  I guess it’s through the summer that all the roadwork has to get done but I was rerouted 3 or 4 times because of it so took a lot longer to get out to her place than planned.

She’s looking pretty good….skinny compared to before but she’s putting some weight back on and other than still being really tired, is feeling OK.  We had a great visit and chatted about anything and everything.  We talked about how different life is now….she feels lonely sometimes and misses companionship….but would she want another relationship?  No, just a friend would be nice.  I kind of understand where she’s coming from but what is “just a friend”?  She’s struggling right now with some family issues…his kids and family kind of leaving her high and dry….not financially but just not there for support.   They were together for 25 years….so you would think there would be some ties that could keep them in contact more often.  She keeps in touch with one of the sons but she said it’s hard on her.  Luckily she has some very good friends that are close by that have helped her get through these last few months.  I wish I could do more but I’m not close enough to just pop over for a quick visit.

The weather is great today….still not quite what I would think of as “summer” but it’s mostly sunny (so far….) and reasonably warm.  That also makes me happy.  Today is cleaning day….no, the cleaning lady isn’t coming tomorrow….which is precisely why I have to clean myself!!  That’s OK because I really feel like it today and when I do feel like this I can get an incredibly amount of stuff done around here.



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