Painting and Babysitting…..Not At The Same Time!

And I just about forgot all about it!!   The babysitting part… was even written on my calendar for yesterday…..

My plan to do nothing on Sunday changed quickly.  Not sure exactly what came over me since I was feeling pretty lazy but I decided to get more of the painting done around and under the deck.  I had one more post  to paint and all the edging or whatever you call the boards that go around the deck.  They’d just been the raw wood since it had been redone and redecked back in 2010!  It doesn’t look like much got painted but it was hard painting.

I had to use a ladder, which I don’t really like doing at the best of times, on wibbily ground…with a paint tray on the flip out bit….was a little tricky.  First finding the best spot to put the ladder that would be stable and also where I could maximize the area to paint without having to move it and start that process all over again.  The other hard part was the angle that I was doing this painting at… arms were up and then rolling and brushing paint, that was just getting sucked into the wood like a sponge, took some time.  Had I started doing this earlier in the day it might not have been such a chore but I had to wait until noon to see if the weather was going to be like.  It had rained, as usual these days, overnight and it wasn’t looking terribly promising early in the morning then come 11AM a few blue patches started appearing and it had warmed up a bit…..a good day for outside painting….not too hot, not too cold and not wet!  I figured it was a good time to get a bit more of this painting done.  There is so much of it and all kind of finicky but now, with the patio under there, it really does need to be done so it looks nice.  I’ll continue to pick away at this painting business, weather permitting, over the next couple of weeks.  I’m going to have to get more paint, which I’m hoping goes a bit further on the rafters, or whatever you call those boards, under the deck than it did on the trim around it.


the “under the deck” boards….to be cleaned AND painted. The ladder will come again but at least on stable ground (the patio) but this is neck breaking work!

Yesterday I had forgotten I was babysitting the kids!!!  How on earth could I have done that?  I was pouring my coffee when I noticed my note on the calendar.  By 8 I was out the door and to Safeway to pick up a few groceries for lunch….and dinner!   It certainly made for a productive day.

The weather was OK so luckily they could spend a good part of the day outside which is what they like the best.  Afternoon came along and they were all pretty pooped so while they had some quiet time, with the TV (!!) I managed to get laundry and a few other things done around the house.

In the process of cleaning and reorganizing the spare room downstairs last year, which I used to call my “garage” and is now called that again because of my daughters stuff that’s in there that can’t be kept in the real garage….like boxes of books….I found the bits and pieces to a little rocking chair.  That was my chair when I was a kid.  My parents probably did the same thing….finding it tucked away somewhere in their basement….35 years ago when my kids were little.  Not sure exactly what had happened to it that would have caused it to just about completely fall apart but it had.  I had come across it years ago just after my granddaughter was born.  Ken was going to put it all back together…..not sure why that never happened…..but it didn’t.  So that was one of the things WE did yesterday.  The kids helped me find that right screws (for the fibreboard decking worked great!) and bolt things and held the parts in place while I got it all back together.  IMG_0433Kallie spent most of the afternoon in that little chair….the other two are almost too big for it now, which is too bad.

They all stayed for dinner, big kids, little kids and Bev joined in on the chaos too.  All in all a very good day but definitely tiring.

Not sure what the weather is supposed to be like today but so far, it’s not looking too good…..ah sigh.





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