More RAIN!  And lots of it this morning.  My gutters are overflowing…..


my own mini version of Iguazu Falls!

They need to be cleaned badly.  That maple tree is not their friend.  My grass guy….was going clean them earlier this year and put the gutter guard stuff on….he did manage to do the one in front of the garage at the front but, as usual with him, that was all that got done.  I’ll go through the local paper to find someone that can get this done as soon as possible since it doesn’t appear that summer is ever going to arrive this year.

This is another of those “man jobs” and mistakenly thought I could rely on my grass guy to deal with it for me.  Again, not rocket science to find someone, just something that I really don’t want to do but it has to be done so I’ll get right on it!!

I rescued a birdie yesterday….out of the bird feeder!!  They are really cute and fun to watch but I guess they aren’t the smartest things.  This one, must be a baby (live and learn…or in this case had I not rescued it, not live!!) was getting seeds from the top hole but seed level was way below it.


that bird feeder and my hanging basket, which thanks to Miracle Grow is surviving (not thriving…) our monsoon season!

Instead of just perching on the next rung down, it was sticking it’s head way in that top hole to get at the seeds.  I had watched it earlier and did think that it could possibly fall in that little hole but thought it smarter than that…..not so!!  I had been busy inside doing something and just happened to head out on the deck…..inside the feeder is a bird flapping around like crazy!!  Poor little guy!  I had to take it down, take the lid off and then tip it sideways so he/she could get out….bird seed everywhere, which the crows have been slowly working away at….but now it’s all wet and mucky and will leave a mess on the deck.


the seedy mess….and of course lots fell through the cracks on to the patio below too….I’m sure a squirrel (or rat!!) will gobble that all up.

Today I will finish my laundry, which I started on Tuesday (manana, manana…..),  AND help my daughter get some of the boxes out of my garage and into the storage locker……it’s like an obstacle course out there.  Just taking the garbage or recycling to the bins is a good workout…twisting, turning, stepping over things, lifting stuff off the tops etc.  It is starting to drive me a little crazy and I think I’ve been incredibly patient!




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