Nothing Too Exciting

I just can’t get myself motivated to do anything.  It has to be the weather!

Was going to go on a bike ride today but that is definitely not going to happen.  I could take some stuff like old paint and electronics (yes I found more!!) to the recycle place but that would mean getting out of the car IN THE RAIN.  I do need to go and pick up a few groceries, which also means getting out of the car but I’ve ran out of some essentials around here and can’t put it off anymore…..we may never have a sunny day again!!  Or a day without rain…..what the heck is going on with our weather.

Maybe I could just get in my car and start driving south!  Many, many years ago Ken and I did that on our vacation.  We thought we’d head down the Oregon coast…back in the days before internet you could actually get a hotel or motel room just by finding a place with their VACANCY sign still lit…..was never a problem.   The first couple of days in Seaside, Oregon were terrific then the weather changed….cold, windy and rainy is not good at the best of times and even worse when you’re right at the ocean.  We decided to head into Portland… free and some good shopping.  That lasted two days before that storm moved inland.  We drove further south and east….don’t remember where we ended up except that again the weather drove us somewhere else.  I do remember spending a few nights in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho….because we had to start heading north and west to get home.  I really enjoyed those road trips.  Always something new to discover somewhere along the way.

I need to get myself back into the routine that I had before I went on vacation back in April…..up and have coffee, read emails, post on blog, scroll through facebook, feed cats, eat and then get dressed and ready for the day…..kind of a winter schedule because weatherwise, not great for being outside.  My summer schedule should have included all of the above except with more outside time… spending hours reading my book in the sun on the deck!!  Summer is not working out like it should which is messing with my plans to enjoy it.

I’ve got a list of things a mile long to do so I really need to pick one or two of them and get them done and crossed off.  Maybe if I don’t look outside……

It’s pretty easy to just sit around all morning in my housecoat, which is what I’ve been doing a lot of lately.  By the time I get ready to do something I think it’s too late so why bother now…..I can do it tomorrow!!

Ah sigh……..I’ve got to snap out of this.



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