Rocks, Rocks, Rocks…..

I was sure I was going to dream about ROCKS!!

Went to the landscape place yesterday to get a load of them…..nice river rocks, the bigger ones…..and of course heavier ones!

Luckily they will load them up for you because I think I’d still be there with the bucket.  I got 1/2 yard, however much that might be.  It pretty well filled the back of the little truck….he assured me that I wasn’t over my 1200lbs or ks of allowed weight but the back tires were looking pretty low.

Silly me thought I could just shovel them into the wheelbarrow.  Well these rocks didn’t shovel well at all and for the amount I could put in the wheelbarrow and then actually move it, it was just easier to load the rocks……rock by rock….into my bucket and then dump them where I wanted.  It worked out pretty good because having the smaller buckets of rocks made it easier to move and spread them.  That said I must have touched each an every one of those rocks in the process.  It took me most of the day but I think the result turned out pretty much how I wanted.


My hostas look pretty small….they will grow, I hope!  I would NOT want to have to move all those rocks, weed mesh stuff etc, to have to dig out a dead one……   The potted plant is my granddaughters marigolds and other seeds we planted last week….they too will grow!

With the leftovers, I started clearing and filling the little corner area around the heat pump unit which had become overgrown with grass….and my grass guy does NOT do a very good job of cutting it or weedeating it.  Other bits of construction debris and stones, bricks etc. had been accumulating there, so it was a good chance to get at it.  I will have to get more stones but not a big load like I got yesterday.  I’ll finish clearing it today and survey the area to see what I need.  I also need to get a couple of 1×1 stones for stepping on to get on the patio so I’ll pick a couple of those up too because they probably should be put down before I put more rocks on there.


My kitchen reno will start tomorrow at some point.  I’m not sure exactly what he’ll be coming for, except to get a deposit/down payment.  I think most of the work will be done in his workshop/garage.  I know he doesn’t do the thermofoil stuff himself and most of the cupboard doors are standard sizes so he’ll just get those from the manufacturer.  He’s also going to fix the holes left from the electrical work I had done last month…..and he said he’d paint too!!  I can do the walls but having him do the ceiling would be nice.

I’m off to get those rocks…….



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