Good Workout!

And not too many aches and pains to show for it!

I managed to finish digging out my little bed, get the hostas planted (probably should have gotten a couple more…), added some nice new topsoil, got the tarpy stuff down and the area outlined in the bricks.  I threw a few of MY rocks down just to make the sure the tarp didn’t blow off……


they will grow (I hope!!) In the meantime I can fill in the spaces with pots.


I thought I wanted a walkway along the garage but I don’t really need it…..

A lot of bending over so thought I’d be feeling it in my legs and back this morning but so far so good.  It was the heat that started getting to me.   When I started out it wasn’t too hot but by noon it was smoking hot.  I took a bit of break while waiting for the sun to get around the corner of the house and shade my work area.  That made a bit difference….it was hard to see with sweat in my eyes!!


It looks a little pathetic right now but once I get the rocks down, it will look better but it’s going to be a year or two before it looks any good.  I’m hoping to get the rocks this afternoon after the kitchen lady leaves and then get them down tomorrow sometimes…..after the cleaning lady leaves!    Really though…..who in their right mind goes and buys rocks when they have a yard that is full of them?  I mean really full of them….when they did the excavation for the new garage there were a LOT of rocks.  Big ones, little ones and everything in between.  I have raked the grass time and time again, picking out what I can (so the grass guy doesn’t get killed or my windows broken by flying rocks) but I swear they are multiplying out there.  I have a bucket, or two, of them and could probably use some of them but they aren’t terribly nice rocks…they are just rocks.  I would like to get those nice flat, roundish river rocks, which are a little bigger and easier to find if they do get in the grass.

There is still the playhouse and slide out there.  I think the kids are too big for both now, so I might just put them out front and see if there are any takers.  The grass guy will be happy too I’m sure….he has to move them every time he comes.

Ken bought those for our granddaughter when she was just over a year old.  He went to Toys R Us to buy a little slide and came home with both…..probably would have came home with more if it would have fit in the car!

Cleaning day today for me……..the cleaning lady !



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