An Outside Day!

Lots  to do out there…….

I bought my hostas over the weekend and did hope to get them planted yesterday but that was not to be.  The kids were here and helped….mostly played in the dirt…..get the bed ready to plant them.  Karter did really help, especially with pulling out weeds, tufts of grass and the raking.

Another nice day and so far not too hot so I going out right now to get them in.  I really don’t like doing stuff like this very much.  Back in the day I’d just pick out whatever and Ken would do the planting if it had to be done right in the ground….pots I can deal with.

I should have taken before and after pics but I don’t have my camera….these plants are going along the back of the garage….where once upon a time I thought I wanted a walkway.  I don’t really need one there and I think the plants will look a lot nicer.  I’ve got the bricks to line the bed and that tarp stuff that stops weeds from popping out.  I hope to get all this done today and tomorrow, after the kitchen lady comes, I’ll pick up some rocks to cover the tarp.  I’ll get a good workout getting the rocks put down!  At the landscape place you fill buckets and dump them in your truck….they charge by the bucket so it will be interesting to see just how this will work for me because there is no way I could lift one of those buckets full of rocks!!  I’ll check with them to see if they can do it, if not I hope 2 half buckets can equal one full one.  Then of course I have to deal with this when I get it all home……I can do it though.

The truck started right up this morning, which is a bonus because I’ve not been very good about going out and starting it up after it’s not been used for a week or so.  There is a fairly new battery in it, which seems to be hold the charge….

I have lots of things to do this week and since the weather is supposed to be great, I should be able to get it all done.  One thing I have to do for sure is clean the house…..or at least get it reasonably tidy because………..the cleaning lady is coming on Wednesday!!!  I know it doesn’t make sense but there are just some things that she shouldn’t have to do, like moving my clothes off the dresser to dust it.

Bev and I went out for dinner last night, which was really good.  Just to our local little diner/café type place.  It’s really more of a truck stop-ish café in an industrial area, but they have great food and it’s never too busy at dinner time.  We bitched about our kids!!!  Not really bitching I guess but venting about a few things.  I’m so glad we have each other to do this with because you do have to let it all out sometimes and there is no one else that I’d want to do that with other than Bev!!  We know each other very well and we KNOW each others kids too.  We’re very sympathetic and empathetic towards each other…..good shoulders to vent on!!




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