Fun Sleepover

My granddaughter has spent the weekend with me.  It’s not often that I get one on one time with them, so it was very nice…..and quiet!

We went for Thai food on Friday night, which was something new for her.  Trying new stuff is good….she liked some of it but thought she could take it or leave it.  We watched movies and had popcorn and ate a lot of junk food…..something that only happens at grandmas, right?

She slept in the spare room by herself, which she wasn’t too sure of at first, and quite enjoyed it…..lots of room in that big bed AND the TV was right there when she woke up in the morning.

After breakfast yesterday we headed out to the nurseries to buy some plants for my backyard….and we also bought some bricks for edging…..44 of them.  Lunch was her choice (A&W).  We could sit and talk over our chicken fingers and onion rings and rootbeers, which isn’t something we get to do too often.

The day started out a little cool and cloudy but by the time we got home and unloaded all the bricks and plants the sun had come out and it had warmed up a lot.  We got the pots ready for her plants and decided that it was too hot to do anymore for the afternoon.   She wanted to have a little nap, which never really quite happened but she did have a couple of hours of quiet time in “her” room watching TV (I know not good but……) and I also had a couple of hours of quiet time too!

Our little talk at lunch made me a little sad…….it’s that terribly messy house/hoarding thing.  She doesn’t invite friends over to play because of it….that just about made me cry.  On Friday when I went to pick her up, I was met at the door with her and her little suitcase…..because “the other kids would cry” if I went in.  I don’t believe that for second…..this whole house issue upsets me to no end and I managed to get myself into quite the flap last night….at bedtime of course….and couldn’t sleep.

My son is away on his fishing trip having the time of his life, I hope, and I can’t say or do anything that is going to put a damper on that for him.  Biting my tongue is not one of my strong points but I will manage for his sake.

My DIL dropped the other two off this morning while she helps her sister move.  I so wanted to say……you need to go home and clean up and surprise your husband when he gets home…….her sister probably has more help than she needs so just not necessary to her to use up her energy doing that when it could be spent much better at her own home.

I really do think I’m going to have to get help…..for myself….for dealing with this but for today I’ll just enjoy the spending time with the grandkids…….

I so wish Ken were here on days like this…..I can only imagine what he’d be doing but I’m pretty sure one of the kids would be right on his tail trying to help…..




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