Feast or Famine

That’s what it’s like around my house.


Dinner two nights ago…..surf and turf fajitas (way too much of course!) and a Southwest slaw…..delicious!


Dinner last night…..two poached eggs on toast (which I managed to over cook!!)


I would never starve to death of course, unless it was of my own making from sheer laziness when it comes to making something for myself.  It’s a good thing my daughter is here now….or maybe not.  What’s going to happen when she finds her own place….will I revert to my lazy way of cooking?  Or I guess I should say non-cooking.

You really have to be in the mood to make a half decent meal for yourself.  I am definitely better than I was at first but still have had many lazy type dinners…..a bowl of cereal, peanut butter and toast….or one of my favs, popcorn!!

Lunch is pretty much hopeless….unless I make sure I have some cheese and stash of crackers….maybe some fruit.  I find I shop very differently now than I used too….mainly just picking up what I need for dinner that night or the next and not really thinking about lunches or breakfasts.

I throw out a lot of bread!!  Or have a lot of baggies of breadcrumbs in the freezer for some day that I might need them for breading or topping something.  They should make half loaves!  In many places in Europe you can go into a bakery buy half a baguette or 6 inches or however much you want, or need.  I think that’s a very good idea.

I really do enjoy cooking but it’s all that work for just one person thing that stops me.  If it’s something like a casserole or soup, I try to make sure I’ve got enough to make two meals out of it, or can throw the leftovers in the freezer for another lazy day.

So now that she’s here we’re at least having good dinners most nights….and she tries to stick to a “weight watchers” plan, which is not a bad thing either.  It certainly makes you much  more aware of what you’re eating and how much!!  I found an excellent website with 30+ recipes for 7 points or less….some of them are really good.

My 7 yr old granddaughter is spending the weekend with us. Besides me enjoying having her here, it’s to give Mom a bit of a break.  My son is away for 4 days on a ‘fishing trip of a lifetime’ at one of our wonderful westcoast fishing resorts….and it’s all paid for by work!!

We’re going to do some planting in my backyard…..she’s bringing some of her seeds and flowers that she started.  I just hope the weather cooperates…..the forecast is saying sunny and warm all weekend…..

Last night my friend Bev became a Grandma!!  I’m so happy for her….so exciting.  Let the fun begin!  There is nothing better than watching your grandkids grow up…..except it happens all too fast.



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