The Weather :(

I know I whine a lot about the weather……but really????

Yesterday was a quite nice, fairly bright and sunny with patchy clouds and warmish…..this morning is cold and pouring buckets!!

Karter’s preschool graduation was so cute.  A couple of great little skits, some songs and then the presentation of their diplomas.  The teacher said a few things about the kids, one of which was what they’d said they wanted to be when they grow up.  There were the usual firemen, policemen, a baker, a “stay at home” dad (lol), one little girl was going to be a doctor “like her Mommy” and my Karter….well he’s going to “run a museum”!!  Where he got that from I don’t know but he thoroughly enjoyed the couple weeks they learned about artists…..Vincent Van Gogh was his favorite.  I told him I would gladly come to his museum!

My friend Bev is just about a Grandma!  Her daughter is in labour and has been since last night…..she is waiting anxiously for that phone call.  The last she’d heard was a half hour ago and that things were coming along.  I’m so excited for her so I too am anxiously waiting for the phone call.

I am still waiting for one more quote for my kitchen but so far Home Depot is looking pretty good.  I really liked the lady that came out because she offered way more information than the other places and she spent way more time here.  One guy simply said it would be cheaper to do a whole new kitchen, which may be true but not what I was looking for.  I’m keeping my granite and backsplash because they weren’t cheap and I like them.  The customer service at some of these places really leaves a lot be desired.  I guess they are all busy enough that it’s not important anymore to be pleasant or in the case of place I went to, to put down your phone!!  Maybe I’m just getting old….ah sigh.

Tomorrow will be decision day!




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