Graduation Day

For my grandson 🙂

He’ll start kindergarten in September….I can’t believe where the time has gone.  These little graduation parties are fun to go to.  They usually put on a little skit of some sort then they all get to walk up and across the stage to get their diplomas.  Ken would have really enjoyed these and as much as I love going to them, it really tugs a my heart to see other grandmas AND grandpas there taking pictures.  But that is life now……

Home Depot came yesterday, right on time.  The lady was great…..gave me some good ideas, had lots of before and after pics, samples etc.  I was a little worried about going white but she assured me that it would look great and blend right in with my décor (such as it is!).  The floors are dark hardwood, which is what I kind of thought I’d have to stick to for cabinets as well but she pointed out that my fireplace was white, the railings are white so all would flow well into a white kitchen.  Hooray, because that is what I wanted to hear….white will just brighten up that room so much.  We held up a bunch of the different samples that she’d brought to get an idea of what they’d look like.  She had initially suggested antique white but it looked yellowed or dirty to me.  The normal white looked really good, even with the beige backsplash tiles.   Initial estimate is within my budget, which is a good thing…..but doesn’t include the new cabinet which I hope won’t break my budget once I get the cost on that.  The size I want would have to be custom which will cost a bit more.  She said the guys that come and do the next measure/steps would be able to give me costs for both custom and standard out of the box sized cabinets, which might be OK, just not quite as big as I’d wanted.

The other cabinet place also came out, after I’d called them!!  “Oh, no problem, we can be out this afternoon”, she says….so if I hadn’t phoned would I still be waiting?  The guy did come out and told me I’d need all new uppers…cheaper to do that than to just reface (??) which is entirely possible.  The would have to “paint” the side panels…too costly to do the reface laminating etc. etc. etc……he couldn’t give me a rough estimate but did ask what my budget was.  They’ll email it to me, hopefully today so we’ll see then.  He was a nice guy but I don’t think I’d use them anyway……not terribly good customer service since I had to phone them to get them to come out and not impressed with the guy that I talked to in their office….a bit arrogant and not really very helpful when I asked about different cabinet styles and colours etc.  And this guy didn’t bring any sample with him…..

I’ll see what HD comes up with for a quote and as much as I said I wasn’t happy with them anymore the kitchen stuff is all contracted out of course, as is all the carpet installation.  I’ll get the name of the company, which is local, with the quote and then do some google research on them.

All this is just taking way too long…..both places said it could be done within 6 – 8 weeks, which seems like forever to me!!




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