A Good Father’s Day

Went to my grandsons lacrosse game and stayed for a bit while they had their little wind-up party.  They still have two more games next weekend and that’s it for the year.  They definitely improved over the season and next year, being one year older, I’m sure the games will be a little more exciting.  They’ve got their passing down pat but the catching, well….that needs a bit more work.

Some shopping and then dinner at my place made for a great day.  We BBQ’d some steaks and chicken in the sunshine!!

Last night my neighbor let me know that another neighbours husband had passed away yesterday morning.  How sad.  He had definitely had some major health issues over the last few years but I don’t think this was expected.

This is the neighbor that I posted about a year or so ago….they had this love/hate relationship.  She is quite the drama queen…..one minute she hates him with a passion and the next she’d be going on about how wonderful he was.  She was also the one that said to me, one day only a couple of months after Ken passed away, “you don’t know how lucky you are”, much to the anger of another neighbor I was standing there with.  But they’d had some sort of an argument that morning and it was one of those days that she hated him…..she was so angry I’m pretty sure she didn’t even realize what she was saying.

I had often wondered what would happen if and when she lost him.  Not sure I’ll ever really know as I don’t see her that much.  She’s lucky in that she has a very close-knit family, many of whom are local and she has a lot of friends from work that she kept in touch with after she retired last year.  Today I wonder if she’s filled with guilt about all the things she’s said and done over the years….or is she even more angry with him than usual for dying?

I was going to go over today with a card and just let her know that I understand and if she needs someone to talk too to feel free to come over anytime…..or maybe not.  I might wait until tomorrow to do this.  I’m sure she’s got a great support network, which is good and I’m not sure I can deal with “drama” anyway.  Or maybe she really did hate him as much as she often said she did….then what?  I think I’ll just drop off a card and leave it at that……



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