That is what we’re having here.  I think it was a couple of years ago we also had a “Junuary” instead of a June!

We did have 2 reasonably nice warm days and now we’re back to clouds and a few showers for the weekend……so glad I’m not working!  I remember just barely getting through a workday week of nice weather anticipating the weekend of sun and fun, only to wake up Saturday morning to a cool, cloudy and often showery day.  Definitely one of the benefits of retirement being able to enjoy the nice days regardless of what day of the week they, or lately in our case, IT might fall on…..

My hanging basket was very happy yesterday in the sun!  The first day that I haven’t had to pick slimy dead flowers off of it.  With the cool, wet weather it’s being attacked by aphids, white flies, black flies and who knows what else.  I’ve sprayed it a couple of times with the “insecticide soap” which I think is pretty useless now that we can’t buy any of the nasty insecticides that used to work…..I guess that’s not such a bad thing for the environment but not so good for hanging baskets!  Someone suggested getting ladybugs….they eat the aphids but not sure just how I’d make them STAY on MY plant…..hmmmm.

Today is a fundraiser shredding day at my bank.  They have a salmon BBQ (probably in the rain this afternoon….) and for a few bucks you can get rid of all that paper and have lunch!  I have to bags full that I’ve slowly been working my way through.  I had set up a “shredding station” in my garage and would do a bit every couple of days or so but now that my daughters stuff has taken over, it’s a bit of an obstacle course just to get to it.  Getting rid of the lot of it today will be good….and I can then hopefully keep on top of it from now on!!

Yesterday I collected more stuff to take to the shredding event….Ken kept receipts, pay stubs, bits of paper with notes, coins etc. in his night table drawer.  A lot of it could just get thrown in the recycle bin, but a lot of it needs to be shredded because of social insurance numbers and other bits of personal information.  There was not just one night table but two…..the one from our old bedroom suite that we replaced about 8 years ago.  That one had found it’s way into the spare room (AKA hoarder room!) and hadn’t been touched for eons.  It was full of all the same type of stuff only years older.  It was interesting going through all the bits and pieces of paper.  I even found ATM receipts from our trip to Turkey back in 2009!!  Lots of little notes that he’d made with peoples phone numbers or the product number of something that we either bought or he was thinking of buying…..the receipt for my wine fridge (Christmas present 8 or 9 years ago) and the picture of it that he’d clipped out of a flyer from Home Depot!

There were resumes that he’d had done when he was out of work 10 years ago and all the employment wanted ads from the paper (back in the day before the internet that is where you searched for a job) that he’d applied too.  He had cut them out and taped or paper clipped them to another piece of paper with the dates that he’d either gone in to their office or mailed off the resume.  Each notes with his follow up information etc.

I’m glad I waited over two years to do this…..seeing his handwriting on some of it was a  little hard to get over…..and to just throw it away or shred it seemed like throwing just a little bit more of him away…..like those old “car jackets”.  But being realistic and practical overrode the emotional thing.  I have a lot of cards that I’ve kept, which mean a lot more than little notes on bits of paper.

The dates on the receipts kind of told a story too…..there were a lot of them for before 2010 and after that, fewer and fewer.  Lots of gas ones when he used to still head out every day, then not so many come late 2012 when he’d only go out if he had too.  Interesting and made me think about a lot of things, along with a tear or two.

I still have a huge accordion file full of his medical records……maybe I’ll save those for next years shredding day.  They are of no value now and when I have read back through them, some of them make me angry depending on which Dr it was we’d seen and what he said in his notes…..I don’t need this now….angry isn’t good and it doesn’t change a thing does it…..other than getting me riled up for nothing!

My daughter was going out last night so dinner was going to be cereal or a bag of chips (and a glass of wine!). I knew my friend Bev had a bit of a rough day so I thought I’d call her on the off chance that she hadn’t had dinner yet (6:30!) or was also having a cereal type dinner night too.  She hadn’t, hooray!  But she was in no mood to go out either and her doggie needed his walk so I went to one of our favorite Chinese places and picked up two “Combo C1’s (rice, chow mein and sweet and sour…..), took them to her place and played a couple of games of Spite and Malice.  Turned into a fun evening….I think I won both games and she now owes me 17 quarters!

After shredding I’m off to my grandsons lacrosse tournament.  I’ll only catch one game today and one tomorrow.  They’re still pretty little (4 and 5 years old) so not a lot of excitement yet but they are getting better and just a lot of fun to watch.  There are a couple of little guys that had to have been born with lacrosse sticks in their hands…..they run circles around the other ones.



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