The Last Of The Clothes

Except for the tux and one other jacket.  Those 2 things are kind of like that stupid recliner…..don’t want it, don’t need it but just can’t bring myself to part with them either!

All those jackets and coats……about 20 of them, he liked coats and jackets…..were in the front closet, now just taking up space.  There were a couple that I threw away, which was kind of hard but they were his “working on the car” jackets….a winter one and a light summer one, both really quite dirty and covered in grease spots.  I did think about washing them to see if they’d be salvageable but I decided to just chuck them.

The diabetes charity guys called on Monday….did I have anything for pick up?  I just about said no because I’ve been taking stuff to value village.  The only problem with that is there is no deadline to do it so the bags seem to sit around here forever.  Their truck is coming next Saturday, so now I HAVE to have something to put out…’s never an issue finding things.  I have tablecloths that I haven’t used for eons, duvet covers, shoes and a few more dishes.  I seem to be getting rid of a lot but still find more and more to give away.

Today is a beautiful day, so far.  Yesterday was quite nice too….maybe summer if finally arriving!  So this morning, sitting having my coffee, I was trying to decide what to do today…..finish my indoor stuff or work on my outdoor jobs.  That was an hour ago and I still haven’t made up my mind.  I could do a bit of both I guess…..or I could just get my book and sit out in the sunshine reading!



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