No Phone Calls

Except for the vet!

Not sure what it is these days with these guys.  I guess they’re already busy enough and don’t need more business!  Oh well… will all get done sooner or later.

It’s sort of sunny today so far, which makes me feel much better.  Kind of got into a bit of funk after my fun mini-vacation and now have to snap out of it and get going around the house.

Yesterday changed from and “in” day to an out day.  Had to take shoes in to be repaired so thought I’d do a bit of shopping while I was at it… shopping.  Normally that is not one of my favorite things to do but the store was right there and the KFC place next door smelled really good and got me motivated into making a good dinner……ribs and a big salad.  Not quite KFC but I’m sure much better for us.

Having my daughter here is a good thing for eating!  Definitely eating better dinners, lunch not so much.   Most of the time I’m just too lazy in the middle of the day to make anything.  Sometimes I get on a roll doing something and don’t even realize what time it is…..then it’s too late to make lunch.

Today is definitely going to be an in day.  I’ve got an early start, which is good.  It’s so easy to just sit around all morning doing not much of anything and then….well, it’s too late to start this or that and then nothing gets done.  Everyone says that’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re retired….but I think I sometimes push it beyond that.  When there is just you, you really do need some self discipline……which I’m still working on!

Phone calls are another thing that can stop me in my tracks……depending on who it is, a few minutes can turn into an hour very quickly.  There are a couple of friends that I’ve been meaning to phone for weeks now.  The only problem is they are not morning people, which is when I think of phoning them.  Once 10 rolls around I’m usually (at least some days….) busy doing something and don’t think about it again until the next morning at 8,  when I’m having my coffee, which is way too early to call them!

Off to make myself busy………and it’s not even 8 yet!



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