$$$’s To Give In Home Estimates!!

Really???   All the kitchen places I went yesterday (3) want a $50 fee for coming into my house to measure and give an estimate.  IF……if I use them they’ll credit that towards the cost…..how nice of them!

I only paid one and am now waiting for them to call to set up a time.   If I get 4 or 5 estimates, it’s going to cost me a couple hundred bucks.  And from the “guess-timates” that a couple of them gave me  the costs are all over the place…..anywhere from $4000 to $10,000 plus!

On the way back I passed good old Home Depot….I know they do the re-facing so thought what the heck….I’d give them a shot.  Amazingly they DO NOT charge for an in-home consultation.  Not being exactly sure what I want at this point…I’d like white but…..she said the gal would also give me ideas and suggestions!  Maybe I like HD again but we’ll see once they come out.

My nephew-in-law also does this type of work and I don’t think he’s too busy at the moment, so I’m going to give him a call too…..I’m hoping I get the family discount!

The landscaper got back to me…..way over my budget…ah sigh.  I’ve got to think about this one a little more.  It would be nice to have a sidewalk/walkway done properly of course, but then I think if I do it myself it would be very rustic, which is the look I was going for….whether it’s done right though, well that is another story.  I know I have to have it angled/sloped properly for drainage but beyond that, laying the stones (1ft x 2ft because that was the biggest I could lift myself) can’t be rocket science, can it?  I won’t be digging down 5 or 6 inches like he would do, which I think will be OK because I have to get in some topsoil to level the backyard and will just kind of work that up to the stones.

I really don’t mind doing this type of stuff, weather permitting.  I actually kind of like it…at least at first, then usually part way through when I’m banging my head against the wall I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into!  I just have to keep it simple and realize that whatever it is its going to look like I’ve done it as opposed to a professional.  I’m good with that as long as it still looks OK.

Now I just have to hope for some good weather.  It SNOWED on the local mountains yesterday….that is how crappy it’s been around here.  The sun did peek out this morning which was very nice.  There’s still a few patches of blue around so with any luck we’ll see a bit more sun as the day goes on.

Today though is an “in day” waiting for phone calls from the vet, HD and the other kitchen place.  That’s OK because I have a lot of laundry and cleaning that I can be doing….I really can find any excuse in the book to not have to do it.



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