Enough With The Rain!

Last year at this time we were roasting through a heat wave….not so this year!

My poor plants are drowning.  They need sun, like me!

The rain hasn’t been continuous, like those dark, grey winter rainy days, it’s been on and off rain…..heavy duty rain!  Last night was crazy with wind added to boot.  So far this morning it’s been the same idea.  One minute just dull and grey and the next a torrential downpour that lasts for a few minutes.  And it’s not very warm either….had to put socks on again yesterday….argh.


crappy pic of crappy weather!

Brenda and I walked (coats, socks and umbrellas) to the local garden centre to check out their prices for the cedars I want to put around my fence…..not cheap there so may just have to go with Home Depot where they were half the price and of course, according to some people, inferior products but I guess we’ll see.

The landscaper, not my regular grass guy, finally showed up yesterday to measure and put together an estimate for the walkway around the garage.   He’s supposed to email it to me today….we’ll see!  I asked about the cedars as well….he charges $50 a tree, installed.  I need about 30 or them according to him which would make it $1500!  I think I’ll be putting them in myself for that price.  He was talking the 6ft instant hedge size, which would be nice but I just don’t have that much in my budget for trees, so will start smaller and just do a few at a time…..it’s definitely not going to be instant landscaping but whatever I can get done will have to do.

The kitchen is what is on the agenda for this morning…..I should be able to hit two or three places.  I hope they’ve got some good suggestions….I really want white, but not very practical for me, not sure I’d like the antique type white, which might be a better option.  I love my tumbled limestone/granite, or whatever it is, backsplash, which is beige, so I’ve got to stick with something that will work with it and the black granite.  Decisions, decisions……..which I am so bad at making without a bit of push.

Sometimes I look around at all the stuff I want to do and it overwhelms me but then I also start to see all the stuff I have managed to get done and feel a pretty good sense of accomplishment…….I just wish it would all get done sooner than later…..but then what would I have to do, or think about????




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