Back To Reality…..

Such a good time with good friends!  As much as I love my big vacations, honestly these minis are just as good or maybe even better!  You don’t necessarily see a lot of stuff….ruins, Unesco sites, museums or historical monuments, but I get just as much out of a mini like this one.


Sunset view from the Blue Heron restaurant….casual dining but great food and a view to die for!

We laughed, we talked, we ate (a lot!) and drank a lot of good wine.  And even more of it all once R & G arrived on Wednesday.  Shirley talked them into staying one more day so I didn’t get home until Saturday….the original plan was to come home Friday.


Some nasty morning clouds on the “the Sunshine Coast”…..I’m sure if we’d been in the Midwest this one would have turned into a tornado….

The weather wasn’t the best….a  little bit of everything while I was there.  Luckily the real nasty stuff seemed to happen first thing in the morning and over night.  By noon it had usually cleared up pretty good with lots of warm sunshine AND wind!!  It would have been perfect without it……it died down in the evening enough to make sitting out on the deck, enjoying the view, quite comfortable.

Now I’m back home and putting together my new “to do” lists.  I’ve got a lot on it and now just need to organize my time…..and stay focused on one thing at a time.  But it’s summer-ish and a lot will depend on the weather any given day…’s been just crazy the last couple of weeks… and sunny, cold and rainy or a mix of both through out the day.  It’s hard to know what to wear, let alone what can be done outside.  I’m not a gardener at the best of times so working outside in the rain just isn’t going to happen.  My “landscape” plan includes planting a bunch of trees…..back breaking I’m sure but I’ll get it done eventually as long as it doesn’t rain!

Today, depending on the weather is kitchen day.  If it rains, I’m heading off to a couple of places to get estimates for having my cabinets refaced, if it doesn’t rain, I’m going for a walk/hike with Brenda…..probably should be thinking about getting those trees, but I also need some exercise….and that is how I’m justifying that!




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