Having A Great Visit

Great friends, great food, good wine and lots of fun.

The weather has been pretty good, except for this morning.  A few sprinkles but still bright..it’s supposed to clear up as the day goes on.  The last couple of days have been smoking hot so I can deal with the bit of break in the heat this morning.

i feel like a spoiled kid when I come over here……Shirl is always so organized and doesn’t want to let me help with anything.  Went for dinner the first night and had to fight with her to let me pay the bill…..it was the least I could do.

Went for pedicures yesterday, which was going to be my treat too but she was finished first and quickly got to the desk to pay her bill!  Oh well…..she did let me make the salad for dinner last night.


Nice bright pink for the summer…..definitely a little out of my comfort zone but such a pretty colour

Their place is just beautiful.  The last time I was the trees didn’t have any leaves nor was anything in bloom.   And of course the view is spectacular.  We’ve seen a couple of cruise ships which are fun to watch go by.  Because the weather has been great there’s lots of small pleasure boats out too…..and whales were spotted a few days ago but we haven’t seen any yet.  It’s truly like going to a resort when I come here.

R and G arrive tonight at some time  for a couple of days.  I’ll head home with them on Friday morning….and get back to normal.



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