Looking Forward To This Week!

A bit of R and R I hope.

After the last couple of weeks of moving, cleaning and just being busy it’s going to be nice to sit and relax over at N & S’s for the next 4 days.  We’ve got appointments for a pedicure tomorrow but that is all that is on the agenda.

Yesterday was a busy day….morning house cleaning, of course, because of them staying overnight, baby shower in the afternoon and dinner out last night!  AND it was bloody HOT!  I love the heat but yesterday was just ridiculous, especially after a few cool days……for it to go from highs in the 60’s to highs in the high 80’s almost overnight was crazy….I just can’t adapt to the change that quickly…..nor can I handle the heat like I used too…..an age thing I guess.  I thought old people were always cold….hmmm.

At the shower yesterday they have an old tree stump just behind their fence where a family of raccoons live….there are 5 babies, which were absolutely adorable and quite entertaining all afternoon.

Dinner at Donna and Doug’s on Saturday night was fantastic!  They bbq’d a turkey, which was so moist and delicious….the skin was the best ever.  We had a great time browsing through all the apartments for a few nights stay in Rome.  I’m so glad I decided to do this trip instead of the big one to South America.  And I know I’ll have lots of fun with Donna.  We are the only ones officially booked for the week of Sept 11.  They have a couple of others “penciled” in still but nothing confirmed.  I hope there are at least a couple of others….great way to meet people and just generally more fun with a group.  It would be great if anyone that reads this wanted to join us too!

Last night at dinner we started talking a little bit about a trip for next year……one month, rent a house somewhere in Europe and then do day trips and even mini overnighters to other places.  Sounds like at least 3 couples…..and me, which is OK, I’m good with this now, there are a couple others that are interested but inevitably when it comes time to commit with $$$$’s, it’ll end up being maybe two of the couples….but we’ll see.  It’s still a long way off (next May or June) so lots of time to work on everyone!

I’m off now and can’t wait to sit on their nice big deck, in the sunshine, with a glass of wine watching the Alaska cruiseships sail by!




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