Lots Accomplished

After all the moving last week I thought this week would be a quiet one….but that was not to be!

I got so much done around here….it feels really good.  My laundry room is somewhat back to normal….bags of stuff from the apartment, boxes etc. And I got the freezer moved into the garage, which I could just about do myself.  Not easy because the damn thing is so heavy.  It’s not a huge one, but it’s not one of those teeny ones either….a mid-size model I guess.  I made sure I could sort of lift the heavy end and then emptied it, only to discover that I still had to drag is across the floor, which I didn’t want to put scratches in.  So I reloaded it and got my son….he stopped by after work to pick up the kiddies (babysat yesterday)…..to help me with it.  This all meant that I could move the kitty litter box behind the door as opposed to at the door which made it the first thing you seen when you walked in.

The weather has picked up, which may be why I’m in such a “get er’ done” mood.  Today we’re switching bedrooms for my daughter.  She’s decided she wants the “guest room”, formerly the “hoarder room”.  So another move of sorts.  The dresser in her “now” room has to be taken apart….it can’t get around a corner….so she’s busy at that this morning.  I have overnight company tomorrow night, so we’ve got to get it done today.

Tonight I’m off to Donna’s for dinner and to look at some apartment rentals for our September trip.  Not sure yet if we’re going to stay 4 or 5 days in Rome.  Lots to see so could easily do a week but we’ve only got a limited amount of time.

Tomorrow is a shower for Bev’s daughter (baby girl due at the end of the month).  Bev is over the moon excited.  I’m so happy for her….she’s going to be an awesome Grandma!

Then I’m off for 4 days to visit my friends on the Sunshine Coast….and there IS supposed to be sunshine for the next week!

My hanging basket will be very happy with all this sun…..it rained so much some of the little plants just rotted and had to be pulled out.  I hope there’s enough left to keep it full and overflowing but I guess we’ll see over the next couple of weeks.

I have big plans for my backyard……will it happen???  I need low maintenance….because I am NOT a gardener, not at all!  I’m going to get columnular (sp??) cedars to put along the fence.  They are on sale right now and I’ll need at least 20 of them, if I’ve measured properly.  I’m getting together tomorrow night with a bunch of friends and will see if any of them are up to a tree planting party!  If not, I THINK I could manage getting a couple of them planted a day, so this may be a project for the entire summer and it also all depends on the weather…..I don’t do stuff like this in the rain!

Ken and I had probably could have had this done in a couple of days…..if he had his way he would have done it all in one….just get it done and over with.  If I don’t get any help, and there is just me, I will do it on whatever schedule works for me.  Thinking about things like this sometimes gets me down a bit but not this time…..I haven’t really thought too much about what “could have been”, which is probably a good thing.

Off to move yet more furniture…at least it’s not going to far this time!






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