I Really Enjoy Mini-Vacations!

Had a great time at BIL/SIL’s.

The weather was perfect for golf…..although it certainly didn’t help at all.  Only getting out more will make my game better-ish.

The Sandpiper golf course is gorgeous.  http://www.prettyestateresort.com/sandpipergolfcourse/    They even have a private landing strip!  Small planes flew in and out all afternoon…..must be nice to be able to do that!  It’s a good hour and a half, if not more, from Vancouver so handy to just pop out there in a little plane.  It’s also right on the river, so can arrive by seaplane too!  The views are amazing…..the river, the snow capped mountains and the lush forest….just beautiful!

Had lots of fun drinking wine, eating and yakking all night.  Doing a sleepover at their place is the only way to go.  That road is just too dark at night and there’s no way I’d even consider having a glass of wine if I had to spend 1+ hours driving home.

Luckily we golfed on Tuesday because, even though the weather was supposed to be nice yesterday, warm AND sunny….it wasn’t.  Definitely warm but very overcast with sprinkles most of day….then torrential downpours late afternoon.  This is just not helping my poor little plants!

Monday I’m off again for 4 days to visit my friends in Sechelt.  I hope the weather smartens up by then.  It’s a beautiful place and even more so when it’s warm and sunny.  The Alaska cruise ships sail right by, so looking forward to seeing them.

And today I am booking another trip!  I had decided that I wasn’t going on the South America trip in the fall.  Just too expensive, not going to be warm and one month just seemed too long, at least too long after already being done that long once this year.  I really want to see some of the things on that trip and who know when I’ll get a chance to go again….kind of have to do things like this now when the opportunity comes up to go with someone else…..but I guess I’ll just take my chances that it will happen.  There were some parts of the trip that didn’t really excite me and I thought why would I spend all the money and not go someplace where I’d enjoy the whole thing!

The alternative was another cooking vacation.  My friend Donna (of the China trip) is going with me.  I’m really excited about this one.


We’ll spend a few days in Rome after doing some sightseeing.  Donna was there only once on a cruise stop, so lots of things she wants to see.  Now the fine part….trying to get the best possible deal on airfare.  Flying into Naples would be more expensive and require a second stopover, so the best option so far is flying into Rome and taking the fast train to Naples.  The tour company will pick us up at the train station, so that makes things a lot easier.  The weather should be terrific there in mid-September…..NO SOCKS, NO COAT!!




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