Done, Done, Done!

Finally….so worth it to rag on those guys on Saturday night.  Yesterday, Bev helped with the storage locker and the final clean up, which was a quick vacuum and that was it!

Needless to say there were a few tears…..her first apartment sold.  She lived there for 7 years and had made a nice little home for herself.  It was a great apartment too…..just not in the right location for her.  Long drive to and from work, especially now that she doesn’t have a car pooler anymore and a long way from where her friends live.  She can save some money over the next year and hope like hell there is a housing market crash so she can get into another apartment in a better location.

In the meantime my garage is full….ah sigh.  At least I can still park my car in there, which I guess is the main thing.  She’ll work her way through all the boxes…keeping here and going to storage….which will happen sooner than later I hope.

Today I have lots to do, but stuff I want to do as opposed to stuff that needs to be done….I like days like this.  My choice…I just have to decide what I want to do first and then actually finish doing it!

And to make it all even a better day, it’s beautiful….warm and sunny.  I hope we’ve seen the end of the socks and coat days for the rest of the summer.

I also have babies…..birdies!  A baby hummingbird and a baby chickadee.  The babies are just learning to fly and find some odd places to perch….the screen door, my spokes on my umbrella (bird poop on the table…argh), the wind chime.  The mommy chickadee gets the food from the feeder and takes it to baby wherever he/she might have landed and feeds it….I guess giving it a taste of what’s in the feeder.  This morning I think baby managed to land on the feeder him/herself.  The baby hummingbird is half the size of mom and seems to have gotten the hang of the feeder OK although sometimes heads right over to me, so much so that I think it might poke me with that long beak!  So cute and so much fun to watch….I could sit out there for hours (in the sun!) just watching them.

Tomorrow I’m heading out into the boonies to visit my BIL/SIL.  I’ll head out early and drop the keys off for my daughter at the real estate office (new owner gets possession tomorrow at noon) then the 1+ hour drive out to their place.  We’re going golfing at 1, so I hope it’s nice out but not too hot.  Back to their place for dinner and I’ll do a sleepover so I can have a glass of wine….or two.  It will be a nice little break from all the busy-ness that’s gone on around here.



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