Only The Apartment Locker To Go!

But that wouldn’t have been the case had I not pushed those two to their limits…..or mine!

After an early dinner they were ready to pack it in….we started around 11.  In all fairness they were very tired…..but so was I.  My daughter had been off at a Medieval Festival type thing…..something that had been planned eons ago with a bunch of friends.  Normally I would have had a bit of a snit fit and gone on about her priorities/responsibilities etc. with the May 31 deadline looming but I also hate to see her not doing these things with her friends.  She can have a real problem with her social life when her depression kicks in….right now, other than whining about packing/moving, she’s been managing her stress really well, which she’s not necessarily known to be able to do, so I thought it important that she go.  She was home and ready to get back into it by 3ish.

My son picked up the big van from work, which was great because we not only got the boxspring and mattress in it, we got the sofa and towers for her entertainment unit in too….along with a bunch of other stuff to fill spaces.  His only problem was that he’d been sick on Thursday night….he took Friday off work, which isn’t like him to miss a day unless absolutely necessary.  His butt was dragging a bit but between him and I we got the bed and sofa to my house, including getting them IN the house and the rest of the furniture to storage unit.

Then it was dinner time……and they thought they were finished!  Hah!  There were still small bits and pieces (night tables, a small bookcase, kitchen chairs and a few boxes) that we hadn’t been able to fit in the van for that first run.  They thought we’d finish doing that today……no, no, no!  We had one more load and my theory was lets just get it done and out of there.  AND….after a little bit of whining and me saying I’d just go myself then because I was really done with this moving business and didn’t want to move a thing the next day….they just knew that I wouldn’t be worth talking to if they didn’t!

It was 10PM by the time we’d got everything to my house.  Van loaded, my car and my daughters car loaded and all unloaded (most of it in my garage!!).  Whatever is going to storage, which is only a few things, she can easily take over the next week or so after she gets home from work.

Today my good old friend Bev is coming to help unload the locker.  It’s a pretty big one and fairly full…..mostly books in boxes….but I think between my car and her car we’ll be able to get it emptied and back to my house (ah sigh……).

I really am a terrible enabler…..none of this should have been my responsibility and in all fairness my daughter has done a lot but I do think that without my little bit of pushing and being bitchy, she would be at the apartment at midnight on the 30th still looking at boxes….

At some point today I also have to get up to the hospital to see my ex-SIL…..she is not doing very well at all.  A tumour is blocking one of her airways, which is why she’s been so short of breath lately.  It’s so not good that my nieces are on their way from Alberta.

So one more busy day for me and I hope that is it for a while.  Although…..moving her sofa and chair into my family room has caused me to have a design dilemma….big furniture and just where to put it so it looks nice and the seating is useful for watching TV.  I did a lot of it last night before I went to bed…..because I just couldn’t stand it all in their helter skelter.  My recliner is going into the “spare room” downstairs, which is now more of a storage room than anything else…..back to being what I used to refer to as my “indoor garage”.  Oh well, I keep telling myself it’s only on a temporary basis….right??



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