Moving Is Just About Done!

Only the big stuff that we couldn’t get in my car or truck is left to move.  My son brought home the big van from work for us to use to get the rest of it moved today…..thank goodness!

This is really hard work!  Especially for two women…..we’re pretty tough but……

The weather also hasn’t been terribly cooperative……rain on and off, usually just at the point where we have to unload the truck onto the dolly at the storage locker!!  Torrential downpour yesterday just as I pulled up to the storage locker with all her real wood furniture in the truck.  Luckily we’d covered it with a couple of blankets and a tarp.  The downpour lasted about 5 minutes but, other than a little pooling in the bed of the truck, nothing got too wet.  We quickly got everything out of the truck and on to the dolly and just shoved it in the hallway of the locker, then unloaded all the other stuff out of the back of my car……just in time before the next downpour started!  This same scenario happened not just once, but twice yesterday….argh.

Back to the apartment to collect the last bit and we were done for the day….physically at least!

I parked my car outside while we were loading the truck in the underground….we got everything else down to the parking lot into a sort of “loading area” and I went to get my car to bring in and load up and this is what I found….

What a jerk!  He had tons of room to park that big honking truck but chose to park 6 inches away from my car.  He seems to think that spot is his own personal parking place but it’s not….it’s a public road/cul de sac.  I’ve posted it on his companys facebook page  Mission Towing  …..not the best PR for them.  I wasn’t going to but then I thought what if I were handicapped and couldn’t have got into my car on the passenger side.  I did, but just not what I needed at the end of a long day of moving!  Needless to say I had a few choice words for him….except of course he wasn’t there but I was ready to take on anyone at that point had he been!

Came home and poured myself a lovely glass of wine, only to knock it over after I stepped on the cat who was waiting patiently right at my foot for her dinner….cat food, wine, glass everywhere and a now limping cat!  All I could do at that point was laugh….while I cleaned it all up and started all over again.

Bed came pretty early last night…..and I got a really good sleep, which is just what I need for today to get back at it.





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