Kudos to Speedy Auto Glass!

Very good customer service!

http://www.speedyglass.ca/about-us/  Not sure if they are in Canada only….maybe in the US under a different name???  Just really happy with these guys…..

It’s one of those “man jobs” that I really don’t like doing, but there isn’t much I can do about it, is there!  What do I know about getting something like this fixed….not rocket science but just not anything that I would normally have had to deal with……

This is a bit of a vent, rant and rave about that window in my little truck.  First off how and why it happened, who knows but at the end of the day I’m not only inconvenienced, I’m also out a couple hundred bucks….just a little annoying.

Called a bunch of glass places and Speedy was the only one that would give me a estimate/quote over the phone AND come to my house to replace the window.  All the other places I called said they don’t do estimates over the phone…..you have to bring it in just in case there is something else wrong…..LIKE WHAT?  Speedy, no problem…all the guy on the phone needed was the make, model and year of the truck, which is what I thought all the others would need too because like how many different windows are there for that kind of truck?

AND….the first thing all those other glass places asked me was “what is your insurance deductible for glass” when I told them $300, they ALL said it would be at least that much….I be thinking that our good old ICBC (provincial insurance corp) is getting royally ripped off by these guys, no???  So they couldn’t give me an estimate over the phone but they could tell me it was going to cost at least what my deductible was….hmmmm.

Speedy did not ask me that!!  For the mobile service, glass, labour and whatever else they charge for, the total was going to be $367.00 and they would take care of the insurance claim portion. I’d still be out the $300 but at least I wouldn’t have to do the paperwork.  So I don’t think they are really any more expensive than the other glass places (since it was still “at least” $300), but certainly more convenient that they’d come to my house to do the repair.  This was a bit of bonus because I’d just got the truck insured for driving….had storage insurance on it for the winter….and of course the battery was dead so I couldn’t have taken it anywhere anyway, certainly not right away.

They have a computer or something in their trucks so he could do the claim paperwork right then and there, which he did only for it to come back as not accepted!!  Why not I ask….I had storage insurance (which also covered broken windows) and then regular insurance with no lapse in coverage!  Apparently in situations where the insurance has just been “changed” ICBC wants to review the vehicle and claim at one of their inspection locations….oh for goodness sakes!!!  They were only going to pay $67 so what the hell!!

I told speedy man to forget the claim, it just wasn’t worth my time and effort for $67!  He said he’d see what he could do with the cost then…hooray!  He came back with a price of $308 including taxes.  So it was still going to cost me at least my deductible…..not unlike the other glass places but my theory was this was all being done right in my garage instead of me having to charge the battery, clean up the glass and take the truck to who knows how many different places because they all said it was going to be “at least” $300.

Speedy was excellent in getting me an appointment, returning phone calls, arriving when they said they would and a very pleasant repair guy.  Problem….always a problem……the glass wasn’t right….supposed to be a notch here and screw hole there or something.  He couldn’t do the job on Saturday….ah sigh.  He’d taken the door all apart and had the piece in but could clearly see where the problem was…..did they order the wrong piece?? Don’t know but not much I could do about it then.  He cleaned up all the glass, which was all over the place, so that in itself was a bonus.  He’d already called and ordered the new part and they had an appointment available on Wednesday (yesterday) to get it put in.  Good…better late than never.

Yesterday morning they called….the part had come in (??).  This is good, right?  BUT I wasn’t on the schedule for an appointment in the afternoon.  OFFS!!!  I was a little choked because I had things I wanted to do yesterday morning and hung around for the phone call all morning to find out what time they’d be arriving only to get this call at 11 saying they weren’t even coming!  Not a happy camper BUT I was still very nice on the phone.  I explained that I’d moved the truck out of the garage so my kids could put their tent trailer in there to dry out (from their wet weekend camping trip) because it wasn’t supposed to rain yesterday….they can do repairs outside in the rain but you run the risk of everything inside your car getting wet….I get that. I told him that it was supposed to rain today and I had no way of getting the trailer out and the truck in the garage so he could work on it…..Daryl (speedy guy) apologized profusely….said they were terribly sorry for the mix up and that it would be no problem for their technician if it was raining….he’d sort it out.  Then I asked him to confirm the cost of $308…..just to make sure there wasn’t a mix up with that too…..you never know and better to be safe than sorry later!  He did confirm it and then said that he’d check into it but thought that they could even do a bit better with that cost because of the inconvenience with the part and the appointment day/time.  He came back with a further 10% discount so now it will only cost me $267…..which I’m pretty sure is a lot less than all those other glass places……and it made the few days delay in getting it fixed a little more worth it.

So you are thinking “this really wasn’t the best service”…..but it was because everyone I talked to there were incredibly pleasant, helpful, called me back when they said they would and they gave me that extra few bucks discount, which I truly appreciated.  None of those other places even wanted to talk to me!  They more than made up for the inconvenience with the service they did, or will finally, provide today!  If they don’t show up tomorrow I will be doing a different rant…..but so far, so good-ish with them.

I don’t know what Ken would have done in this situation…..he probably would have just taped up the window (much better than I did I’m sure…..I used the green paint edging tape and a white garbage bag…lol) and gone off and had it done and finished within a day.  But not me……I take the long way around to get stuff like this done, but it does get done one way or another and even though I waited 5 days it’s just very convenient that they are doing it right here in my driveway!

We really do need that truck today, which I also mentioned to them, to start getting stuff from the apartment to storage locker….definitely tomorrow since she’s taken a day off work to get this done.




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