We’re Getting There

Slowly but surely!

Today at some point I’m off to the dump to get rid of all the old electronic junk…..that TV that weighs a ton will get pushed out of the back of my car because that’s the only way to do it if there is one of you!  My old broken electronic/electrical stuff is going to, finally!  It’s sat in my garage for weeks (months….) and I’ve kept saying I’m taking it but have never gotten around to it….this is good!

After today/tonight the only stuff left will be what is going into storage except for the sofa/chair and her bed, which is coming here.  And since I was able to get the storage locker yesterday we can even start loading things into it.  It’s a 5 x 10 (8.5ft high).  Didn’t sound like a lot of room but once I seen it, it really is pretty big and if everything is stacked and packed neatly I think there might even be enough room for the recliner……that stupid thing that I don’t want but just can’t bring myself to get rid of….argh.

Great sense of accomplishment and a few aches and pains and bruises….and pinched fingers!

The truck window is being fixed today….I can only hope they have the right piece of glass this time because we really good be using that right now.


This is the little house across the street from me.  I call it the “crayola crayon box house”.  An elderly (at least older than me!!) couple live there and have for many years.  It used to be a pinkish colour with white trim.  They had it painted a few years ago and I couldn’t believe it when they did it yellow!  I thought a nice white, with black trim would have made the house look cute(r).  Many years ago there were two huge maple trees in the front yard (lots of leaves…..lots!).  Those were taken down because they had a new roof put on and wanted to not have to do deal with all the maple tree crap again…..where the stumps were, he put in rose gardens.

It’s hard to see in this picture but there is every colour in the rainbow happening over there……yellow house, green and white trim, blue car, roses….pink, orange, red, white, and purple lavender bushes.  At first I just shook my head….what where they thinking, but over time it’s kind of grown on me…..it’s really quite a “happy house” and certainly brightens my mornings when I’m on the deck with my coffee.

(His lawn is a mess because locally, we are experiencing a chafer beetle outbreak…..the crows, raccoons, skunks and who knows what else are making an absolute mess of everyones lawns when they digging for the crubs……luckily they don’t seem to have hit my lawn…fingers crossed that they don’t.)

That and my hanging basket….it’s very slowly coming along and today, for the first time in a number of days we’re supposed to see some sun!  Hooray!  And it’s going to be warmer so I’m hopefully putting those damn socks away for once and for all…..


a little more exciting now that the yellow daisy things are blooming. Those are climbers and will eventually creep up the chains.



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