The Heat Is On

In more ways than one!!

Literally, because it’s been so freaking cold.  The temp in house is set to 72F…..which is my comfort zone for both hot and cold days.  The thing has been running all morning on HEAT!   I had to put socks on!!  At least it’s not raining but still cloudy and rather gloomy.  But I have no time for doom and gloom today!

The heat is on….to get everything packed up and out of my daughters apartment too…..

Spent most of yesterday afternoon there taking things apart…..bookcases and her entertainment unit.  My car is loaded up with the give away stuff, which I’ll drop off AFTER I go and sign up for the storage unit.  Those things are not the easiest to get on short notice!  I did find one that’s heated, which will be good for the real wood stuff and all her books!  Apparently a 5×10 is the standard size that someone rents for the contents of a one bedroom apartment!  I guess one has to be very organized to pack that.  Her big stuff, sofa and chair and mattress and box spring are coming here, so we don’t have to worry about those and since most of the other furniture is all apart it should fit…..if we pack it right.

We sized up her very pretty iron bed head and foot board and decided that it was just too big to fit in her room here with the other stuff that she’s bringing, so it will have to go into storage.  In my travels today I’ll have to go and get another bedframe for her mattress….the one she has is specifically for that bed and a bit too long all by itself…..where does one buy those?  I guess a furniture place that sells mattresses??

The good thing is that we can get this locker right away so some stuff we can start moving in my car and the truck tomorrow…or even tonight if we’re up to it.

So much for my kitchen plans……they are on hold until next week but that’s OK.  I’ve waited years, so one more week won’t make that much difference.

Yes, I do like to be busy…….




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