Still Lots To Do

But the girls got a good start on it yesterday.  The kitchen and bathroom are done and ALL the books are packed away.  Still the entertainment unit to be taken apart and a rack of CDs (music and movies) to be boxed up.  One area is give away stuff, another is what is coming to my house and the rest is going into storage.  There’s also an old TV, that still works, but is as heavy as a boat anchor….not sure what the plan is for that….hate to just chuck it, but really who would want that thing now?  And of course there is still all the stuff in her locker…..which I must say is really quite neat and tidy so will be easy to just put on the truck.

Two weeks is not a lot of time to get this done but it has to be, so we’ll go back today and get more of it done.

Very dull and dreary this morning….don’t like days like this but unfortunately according to the weather forecast were in for a few more of these with only a bit of sun thrown in.  Slow progress for my hanging basket….those flowers love the sun!!

A few more holiday pics…..mostly food ones.


Aconcagua….the highest peak in the western hemisphere. One of the highlights of our day trip into the mountains….we came back on the main highway, thank goodness!! Two days after this, the Andes mountain highway was closed due to a big snow storm so our timing we very good!

Lunch on our day trip….there is a steak under all that gravy!  It was incredibly delicious!


These are 1:  Ravioli, which we thought was really good but couldn’t quite pinpoint what the meat was inside…..we learned later it was more than likely brains!!  Ordered veggie ones after that!  2: a restaurant near our apartment….run by a German expat guy…great chicken stir fry which was a nice break from beef .

On the plane enroute to Salta.  Aerolineas was an excellent airline….we used them 3 times for our flight within Argentina.  Free drinks (had coffee….how boring is that!) and snacks on all of them.  None of them were more than 2 hours, which was very nice!



the view from the plane….quite desolate looking with only the odd little town to be seen….and of course I was on the wrong side of the plane to see the Andes…..ah sigh, such is life.

And the last one for today…..


Our first meal in Salta….absolutely no restaurants close to our apartment except for Chinese….which we had not once but twice! Different from what we’re used to but was very good!  We also had a veggie dish which was pretty much the same as the chow mein….except without the noodles.  We changed up our order the second night!

After having Chinese two nights in a row, the next night we had our tour guy drop us off in the main plaza area where we had a great dinner and took a taxi back to the apartment.  Walking to/from the plaza took about 1/2 hour, which through the day wasn’t too bad, but at night it just didn’t seem like a good idea although we were told it was very safe, we didn’t chance it.  It was hard to tell in Salta what was the good/bad parts of town.  Our street had such a mix of residential, industrial and commercial stuff….all with the shutters rolled down tight at night (????) yet I seen women (not ladies of the night type women!), by themselves at 11PM walking by and getting on/off the buses (which run all night and are very noisy!).  And of course the sidewalks were a mess….doggie doo and a lot of missing stones/tiles, cracks and tree roots taking over.



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