Busy Days

Lots going on….definitely keeping me busy.  Which, for me, is a good thing.

My daughter sold her apartment…..hooray!  All happened very quickly and the closing is at the end of May, so only a couple of weeks to get packed up and moved out.  My motherly instinct kicked in and I immediately started telling her to make lists, phone the storage and asking who is going to help, is she hiring a mover or will her friends with trucks do it…..on and on.  I had to back off….it’s her move, not mine!  Very hard to do but she does seem to be organized, so that’s a good thing…..

The electrician came yesterday.  I have pot lights in my kitchen.  No more hanging down light over the table that I constantly bumped my head on because I’d move the table over to give me more room.  Of course there was mess.  Just cutting those six in holes in the ceiling created enough drywall and insulation crap bits and dust to get all over the place.  Spent a good part of the day trying to contain it.  Between the electrician and the cats, that stuff was tracked all over the place.  (will post a pic once I get everything cleaned up….although they are just pot lights….but I did get a pendant light for over the sink, which is really cute)

Next week I’ll start the new kitchen, or cabinet refacing, search.  I’m pretty excited about that…..except for all the decisions I’ll have to make by myself!!

Landscaper (different one, not my grass guy) didn’t show up on Saturday to give me an estimate for my little retaining wall…..are there no reliable people out there anymore??  Back to searching for another one.

A few more holiday pics

Our day trip to the mountains on the backroads….dirt roads.  It just went up and up and up…..on a clear day I’m sure the view is spectacular.  On a cloudy day it was, in a different way…..but pretty incredible.  Notice the wooden guardrail…..not sure that would have been a lot of help!  (pictures are a little dark because it was a pretty dull day and I have no idea how to change the setting on my camera….still after 5 years!!)

We’d seen a lot of guanacos along the way…..kind of like a llama.  We were definitely above the clouds….Shane thought we were probably up about 8000ft….no signs so really had no idea other than my ears were popping.  It was really quite breathtaking.  I took so many pictures of the clouds because they changed around every corner….amazing!

And once out of the clouds and over the last hill (mountain…..) this was an apt reward for traveling up that scary dirt road…..Wow!





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