Kitchen Reno

… starting this week.  Hooray.  It’s been a work in progress for about 6 years now… it’s time to get is done…AND finished.


My very mess catch-all shelf… happy this will be gone!


Pot lights and a pendant light for over the sink will be done on Wednesday, plus a new plug on the wall that I had, or at the moment, still have, that wire rack on.  A new cabinet will go there and a plug on that wall is a must have.  I’m quite excited about doing this….except that I’m going to have to make decisions…MYSELF…about new cabinets.  I always over think stuff like that and it was so much easier when Ken would finally get fed up with my indecisiveness and say “just pick something!” or give me a deadline because something else couldn’t be done until whatever had been done.  I might splurge a little and get someone out to give me some ideas.  I have in my head what I THINK I want but……what if there is something better?  That’s just how my mind works……

Hanging basket update:


It’s coming along….slowly.  Rather a dull, dreary day today.



A few more pics from Mendoza:

Lunch…..a little early!  They were still serving breakfast at 12:30.  We did get the hang of eating a little later eventually but those first few days we were often the only customers!


One of our winery tasting tours….what an absolutely gorgeous place this was and would have been more beautiful with the Andes as a backdrop on a clear, cloudless day….


Nice parks and pedestrian only streets in Mendoza….many tree lined streets.  The trees with the black trunks are truly majestic!  They are either kapok, Jacaranda or neither…depending on who you asked!  The ones in the other pic are in Parque San Martin and is called the Avenue of Plane Trees….I’m sure in the summer it was incredibly beautiful….much like our trip down the Canal du Midi in France.  And everyone has dogs, but not really any yard, so they keep them on their patios, or in some cases just up on the roof!!

Have lots on my “to do” list today because I didn’t get as much done on the weekend as I’d hoped.  I spent a lot of time with the grandkids Saturday and Sunday, which is a good thing…..and really what the weekends should be for!!



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