Great Evening!

Had so much fun….and wine….last night.  Dinner was excellent and the company the best.

Lots of yakking about South America.  R and C had been there last year.  They did Peru, Bolivia, which they loved but only Iguazu and Buenos Aires in Argentina.  I’m not sure that they convinced me that I need to go on that trip in September…..I did think that I might like to do part of it….the first couple weeks only which would take in Macchu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the reedbed islands and a good part of Bolivia.  But I need to think about it more.

Then we talked about another cooking school trip to Italy……a girls trip.  That would be fun too.  Both the gals are still working so using precious vacation time wisely doing something you really want to do is important for them….as it is of course for everyone.  I’m going to send them the link for the latest one I got, which is on  the Amalfi coast, just south of Naples.  It sounds fantastic.

We always come up with these great ideas and plans but more often than not, they don’t really ever get off the ground….just talking about it is a lot of fun.

While we were chatting and eating, my holiday pics were cycling through on the TV, which is a much better way to look at them than doing a “play by play”, which I think gets a little boring after a while….even for me!

Empanadas were just OK, which was a little disappointing.  That said, they all got eaten, so couldn’t have been too bad.

Lots of fun here yesterday afternoon.  The kids came over and set up the blow up bouncy castle so that was fun.  Then they headed off to my grandsons lacrosse tournament.   It’s a lot more fun watching him this year.  One year makes a big difference….they actually seem to know what they’re doing now instead of just running, or dancing around.  Last year was kind of like when my son played T-Ball….they’d spend more of their time out in the field or on the bases filling their gloves with gravel, or smacking their jock straps, or just plain old sitting on the base bags….but we did get a lot of laughs out of it.



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