A Few Holiday Pics

They paint the stairs……thinking that maybe it’s not so bad climbing them!!  I think there are 7 ascensores or funiculars that help a lot for getting up those hills.  Although we saw women, probably in their 70’s going up them with no problem…..even carrying shopping bags!!

The street art is incredible!  There are 3 different kinds:

  1. The taggers….who just simply do some sort of scribble that represents who they are or what “gang” they belong too.

2. The graffitists…..more elaborate art work but on a smaller scale…mostly on posts, retaining walls etc.

3. The muralists….they do entire walls of buildings.  Some actually get hired by home or hotel owners to brighten up the old buildings with fun, lively paintings.

Some of the art is representative of political or social issues, some is just simply for fun and to show off the great artistic skills that many people have.  What is truly amazing is that each of these types of “artists” respect each others work so very rarely will you see tagging on graffiti or a mural or vice versa.

The views from anywhere up the hills are pretty fantastic.  Our hotel overlooked one of the gullies that was fun to watch wake up in the morning…..lots of noise, including roosters crowing.


And of course our bike ride in the vineyard….I thought I’d get a nice little bike (pink or yellow!!!) with a basket, but no…..mountain bikes they were to navigate the hills…small ones but still hills.  It was a really fun day, especially the wine tasting after!


I’m still on the fence about the trip in September.  I’ve told Connie that if she finds another travel buddy to go for it and if I decide later and it’s too late….oh well.  I have so much that I want to do around here (still!!) and since being retired, my funds are not a renewable resource and I have to prioritize what I spend them on.  I’m going to dinner on Saturday at D & D’s and other friends that went to Peru, Ecuador and Boliva last year will be there too….maybe they’ll change my mind!!




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