What To Do….

What to do…..I know this is really a first world problem but I have to decide soon whether I’m going to go on this big trip to South America in the fall.  It’s a chance to get to Machu Picchu and all those other must sees in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia and I’m not sure who else down the road will want to go….or if I’d be brave enough to book a trip all by myself at a later date…..

I’m trying to weigh the pros and cons….I’m coming up with more cons than pros!  It’s not going to be very warm because of the altitude, even though it’s the end of spring and very close to the Equator (you actually get to stand with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and the other in the Southern….pretty cool!), it’s very expensive and it’s another 1 month away.  The pros so far….I’d have someone to go with and there are so many of the things that I’d like to see.

I’ve told Connie to go ahead and book and if she can find another buddy, to go for it…..my loss if and when I decide I want to go.  I’m really very lucky that I have such problems like this…..I know it and appreciate it every day!

In the meantime I’ve been busy around here.  My patio looks very nice with my new, big…and heavy I might add, pot with the trumpet vine and the nice bit potted plants my grandkids gave me for Mother’s Day.  I’ve got the cushions on the chairs so the deck is done and ready to just sit and enjoy now.

I didn’t get around to it the other day, so today, if it doesn’t rain (!!) I’m heading to the landscape place to look at paving stones for the walkway around the new garage…..I had a quote for a sidewalk and it was going to be over $2000!!  Not in my budget, or bank account so it will be my blood and sweat that goes into it…..hopefully with a lot of savings for my trouble.

My grass guy is still missing in action…..I really am going to have to fire him this year!!  I could cut it myself…..I think!  The lawnmower hasn’t been started for years but it was a good one, so if I can figure out how to….and where to….drain out the old gas, I might just give it a try.  Of course I’d also have to get the weedeater and blower going to…..which might be exciting and fun for the neighbours lol.

I really do enjoy doing all this stuff….such a great sense of accomplishment once it’s done.  I’m hoping that it also burns off a few calories…..now THAT would really be an accomplishment she says as she’s hovering down granola bars (2) for breakfast!!

I was going to post a couple of holiday pics but wordpress seems to be having a problem today…..not letting me upload data or save drafts so hopefully this post at least gets posted!




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