Happy 3rd Birthday

To my little granddaughter.  Don’t know what the plans are yet for today yet, other than dinner.  I can’t believe she’s 3 already!

Poor baby stepped on a nail in my backyard on Friday and ended up on antibiotics.  All day I was reminding them to keep their shoes on.  There are still bits and pieces of construction debris back there.  I’ve combed the yard over and over again picking up nails, screws, broken tool bits and whatever else I come across.  I was worried the nail thing would happen and also that my grass guy would run over something that would become a projectile and go flying through a window or hit him!

Big plans for today for outside…..we’ll see just how much I actually get done!  I’m off to buy some paint or stain to do the posts under the deck.  They’re still in their cedar, or whatever, looking state and need to be painted brown to match everything else.  That also means painting some of the beams.  I don’t know how much I’ll manage to do myself…the posts I can deal with, the beams I’m not so sure because of the angle.  I could do it but I’m thinking that is really asking for a sore neck…and arms, let alone having to do it on the step ladder.

Hanging basket is coming along.  It’ll take a couple of weeks but it will fill in and hopefully be as nice as the one I did last year.


Yesterday morning I finally got the patio, under the deck, all cleaned off.  I was going to power/pressure wash it, but I just couldn’t stand the thought of getting that thing out again or the noise that goes with it.  The hose worked just fine!

I bought myself a Mother’s Day present!  After fighting with the damn hose the last couple of days I bought one of those squishy ones.  100ft and it rolls up into nothing!  I also picked up a hanger thing to put in the garage so it’s not always just laying on the ground in there.  Friends had one and I thought it was the perfect thing especially now that the tap is IN the garage.  The piece of sheet metal, that will protect the drywall from getting wet, is all ready to be installed too….but that is a two person job so will need to wait for one of the kids.

I’ve got my patio chair cushions to get put on today at some point too.  There are a ton more things on my “outside” to do list which I need to prioritize.  We’re in for a run of good weather so I want to get as much done out there as I can.  But it is really quite hard when there is just me!!  I make these lists with so many things on it and have no one to delegate some of the jobs too.  I’m better at accepting that I can only do what I can do but sometimes it still frustrates me that I can’t get it ALL done.  I have to keep telling myself that it will be eventually……

I really do enjoy days like this…..it’s beautiful outside, sunny but not too hot, a bit of a breeze….just perfect 🙂




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