Happy Mother’s Day

The deck is done but if I say one word next year about power/pressure washing it, someone needs to knock some sense into me!

This is the 3rd year that I’ve done the deck cleaning….myself.    I THOUGHT I quite enjoyed doing the last two years.  It takes all day and, even though the nozzle thingie isn’t heavy, you’re rather bent over and moving it back and forth constantly, so a little rough on the back.  I didn’t enjoy doing it this year at all….first of course I had problems getting the hose hooked up so some cursing and swearing…..and then it seemed like I was never going to finish it.  The noise the machine makes I’m sure drove my neighbours crazy all day….they too probably thought I was never going to get it finished!

But I did get it done, even had a few minutes to give the part of patio under the deck a quick once over but decided that the hose would work just fine down there.

There is, as Bev said, instant gratification doing pressure washing, especially where something is really dirty, like my deck.  It was like using a big, mega eraser to get rid of all the dirt and mildew that builds up over the winter….that was the only good thing about it.  It does look nice now and ready for summer.  My handing basket is up and hopefully will start to fill out nicely….I’ll post some update pics of it.  Last year it turned out fantastic….I tried to use most of the same plants this year with an extra red geranium to attract the humming birds.  Today I’ll get my table set up and the cushions out for the chairs…then I can sit back and enjoy it….and Mother’s Day.

Next year though I will definitely hire someone that can get it done in half the time with a proper heavy duty power/pressure washer.  It could possibly cost too much and I’ll save myself a lot of unnecessary aches and pains and the neighbours will appreciate a lot less noise I’m sure.

I’ll be popping Advil for the next couple of days….I can feel it in my back and arms this morning.  AND I got sunburned!!  That was just plain old dumb on my part.

Had a great dinner at Bev’s last night!  My brother and his wife were there too.  A fun evening with a little too much wine, which I thought I deserved after all my hard work.

Hope everyone has a great day with their kids, grandkids or whoever you spend it with.




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