Post Holiday Blues

Or maybe it’s just jetlag…….

I’m definitely happy to be home, sleeping in my own bed and really glad I have my drip coffee pot.  Maybe it’s that unsettled feeling thing again….not sure.

I seem to be thinking about Ken more than ever these days… many thing on this vacation that I know he would have enjoyed….especially Iguazu Falls and all the meat!!

I’ve been pretty lazy since I got home, trying desperately to not go to bed at 7:30PM… far, so good.  Have managed 10PM but of course up at the crack of dawn….

It took two days to empty my suitcase….it’s still not put away though.  Laundry is done, or at least washed, still needs ironing….just don’t feel like doing it.  The house needs a good cleaning….at least vacuuming!

I decided that I’d go and pick up all the plants for my hanging baskets, some new herbs and all that yesterday afternoon…..that did perk me up a bit get me motivated…..except I can’t do anything with them today, or probably tomorrow…..

Today I’m off to Children’s Hospital with my granddaughter for her “biologic infusion” that is being used now to treat her arthritis.  They are so good there with kids…..2 hours is a long time to have to sit with an IV hooked up to you arm….she gets treats, movies and there are always people there to entertain the kids.

The weather has been good the last couple of days too… there is just no excuse for this funky mood I’m in……other than jetlag….I hope it goes away soon!!



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