Back Home

After many, many hours on planes and in airports!

We left Buenos Aires at 3PM on Sunday (4 hour time difference between there and home) and I walked in my front door at 4PM Monday!  As much as I don’t really enjoy all that “travel time”, it was so worth it.  Just an incredible vacation in a fantastic country.

BUT… was pretty darn nice to sleep in my own bed last night and wake up to a pot of coffee, as opposed to a French press, which everywhere we stayed had.

When I left at the beginning of April, spring was just starting to happen….trees and shrubs just had that little tinge of green showing, none of the flowering shrubs were flowering (azaleas, rhodos etc) so coming home to everything being so green and lush is such a treat.  Down there of course it was fall so all the leaves were turning yellow and orange and falling…..they do have a number of deciduous trees that don’t lose their leaves too, which kept the parks and plazas nice an green.

My bird feeder is just about empty and I noticed one or two new visitors this morning….based on my bird book, I think they may have been larks!!

This morning the laundry goes in and even though my daughter did OK keeping everything relatively neat and tidy, floors need washing, everything definitely needs vacuuming and in general a good scrub down is needed……the cleaning lady is coming next week so that gives me a bit of time to get back on top of everything BEFORE she gets here!!  I know, I know…….

I’m a bit lost though…..I have no definitely future holiday plans!!  The trip back to South America in the fall is a potential, but with our dollar doing not so good, the price of that one may just be a little over my vacation budget for the year so we’ll see how that goes.  We did, while away, chat about plans for next year…..maybe France or Italy.  But that would entail getting a bunch of people to actually commit to rental a “villa” …..that’s always the hard part.  Everyone is all gung ho and right into the idea until it comes time to really book something…..

I have lots to keep me busy around here for the summer and I really enjoy just being at home and getting as much use out of my deck and new patio as I can.  After getting some domestic chores done around here this morning I’m off to get the plants for my hanging basket….this year I’ll only do one for the deck.  With the new garage, there isn’t really anywhere to hang one out front.  I will do a big pot of plants for near the front door but that will have to do.

Tonight I’m hoping to go through some of my pictures…..2000+!





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