Where Has The Month Gone?

I can’t believe we’re down to the last week of this vacation!!

A few more pics:

The Domingo Vineyards in Cafayate where we had one of our wine tastings


Goat Stew….delicious!


Beautiful mountains and rock formations south of Salta


In Buenos Aires now and really enjoying this city.  It’s quite beautiful with many wide treelined streets, lots of parks and green space and some great buildings…..very European in many ways.

Traffic is pretty intense….but we’re getting good at crossing the streets here in the big city….lots of practice in those smaller places.

We’ve done A LOT of walking but also utilize the taxis to get around.  They are cheap and in abundance.

The weather has been a little iffy……very fallish, which of course it is down here but the temps are supposedly unseasonably low right now with highs 14-16C (60-65F) and lows around 8-10C (50ishF)  definitely a coat is needed in the evenings.  Today we had wind too which, when not in the sun definitely made it seem down right chilly.

Some really good meals, big and  small.  They are big on ice cream and flans…..had a delicious crepe slathered in dulce de leche, which is ridiculously sweet but oh so something that Ken would have enjoyed!!

We went to Uruguay today…..just for a day trip across the river to the lovely little town of Colonia (Santiago de Colonia….I think is the real name).  Very pretty resort town, in the summer months, lots of restaurants, nice shops, great little cafes and very quiet compared to BA.

Two more things planned……an estancia visit on Thursday to see Gauchos in action….probably very tacky touristy but oh well….and Friday we are going to a Tango show, which I’m hoping is relatively authentic as opposed to Vegas type glitz…..well see.




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