Two Years Ago…..


It’s so hard to believe that two years has gone by.  Some days it could be like it was yesterday.

Today while walking around I thought of him often, so many times the tears started to come along…..he would have been taking all the pictures, stopping every now and again to have a look through the binoculars and he would have had those shorts on with all the pockets…..I would have asked him where his wallet was numerous times and he would have patted the front one with the button…..he never lost a dime…it was usually me that lost something.

Tonight when we go out for dinner I hope there is a good dessert because I’ll have a piece for him…..I’m not a big dessert person but it seems a fitting thing to do… kids are doing out to dinner and having dessert just “for Dad”.

Iguazu Falls are absolutely breathtaking!  I was going to post more pictures in order but I have to post these….


My pictures don’t do them any justice, they really don’t.   I know Ken would have loved this place, especially the coaties and monkeys!  A couple times today I had to pinch myself to believe that I was here….

A sad day but one that I enjoyed and one that I know Ken would have enjoyed too.





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