Mendoza and Salta

We had a great time in Mendoza.  It’s a great city to walk in….lots of nice restaurants and cafes, some pedestrian only streets….which was a good thing.

The owner of the apartment we rented was super.  For $125US we did a day trip into the Uco Valley for wine tasting, which was a lot of fun.  A great tour of a lovely winery, Salentien, and two others, one of which was a locally owned small vineyard where we got to taste the “juice” right from the barrel.  We did another day trip up over the mountains (Andes foothills) on a back road….dirt and gravel….that just kept going up and up and up!!  I think it was probably a good thing it was cloudy until we got almost to the top!!  I’m pretty sure the drop off in some places would have scared me…a lot!

Our flight to Salta was really good….Aerolineas did not have some of the best reviews… was comfortable, on time and the views of the mountains was pretty incredible.

It’s a very different city here in Salta…..very much a working persons city.  Not “polished” like Mendoza.  Great plaza with lots of activity and some very nice cafes and restaurant.  Unfortunately most of the shops sell the same stuff that I’m pretty sure comes in by the container load from China or ?  There are a few really nice shops but nothing has caught my eye so far in any of them.  There are also two good museums that we’ve been too.

We did two day trips while here (only 5 days).  One up to a town called Humahuaca and another south to Cafayate.  Both were great trips….long…12 hours each…..but well worth it.  Really reasonably priced.  The first was on a bus with 14 of us and second we hired a guy who was a great guide and lots of fun.

Tomorrow we’re off to Iguazu Falls.  We’ll spend 3 nights there so we have two full days to see the falls….from the Argentinian and Brazilian sides.

We’ve had some good meals and some not so good….not bad really just not quite what we expected.  Chimichurri, we’d been told, is one of the main condiments down here….not so!!  Did not once see it on any menu so we asked our guide the other day about it…..aparently it is only used in the high Andes, not locally or in Buenos Aires….which is too bad because what I’ve tasted at home was really good!

Internet connections have been a little iffy…..not enough bandwidth I’ve been told.  But I will try and post more pics soon.

It’s really a very beautiful country…lots of great scenery with many different microclimates all within a few miles of one another.  Cacti and scrub one minute, then subtropical forests.

Lots of crazy drivers….we decided to cancel our rental car.  If we were staying a long way out of town at an estancia or somethig, we would have needed one but definitely do not want to have to drive anywhere in or near the cities.



2 thoughts on “Mendoza and Salta

    • Hi Mary…we are having a great time. So many incredible things to see….it is truly a beautiful country. We arrived in Puerto Iguazu last night and it’s HOT! But even in the dark it’s looked pretty nice… to the falls this morning.

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