The Road Over The Andes

Just posting a couple of pics, but this is, so far, one of my favs!


Street art in Valparaiso

They have taggers, grafittists and muralists……some of it is pretty amazing and where they manage to do it is even more amazing!

Mendoza is a beautiful city.  All streets are lined with either plane trees (platano?) or jacaranda.  There are a couple of pedestrian only…not a bad thing here….streets with many cafes and restaurants.

We did a wine tour to the Uco Valley with the owner of the apartment we are renting.  He is from Texas, lives down here now and speaks Spanish, which is definitely helpful…..and he charges 1/2 of what the tour companies charge.  Tomorrow we’re off with him again into the Andes to see llamas and whatever else he has planned for us.

It’s been a bit of challenge getting our tummies on their schedule.  The first day we went to an Irish pub (yes!!!) for lunch at 12:30 and they were still serving breakfast…..we’re getting better and will be pros by the time we hit Buenos Aires…..I hope!

We’ve covered a lot of the city on foot….very walkable with some caution when crossing the streets but generally no problem at all.

Being a 3rd person has not been an issue and because I’m with good friends feel remarkable comfortable doing this kind of vacation.



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