Hello From Argentina

We are here and having a great time.

Things startedout a bit rocky with our flight out of Toronto being delayed because of……SNOW!!

Valparaiso Chile was an amazing place……sensory overload with the sights and sounds.  Now that we are settled in here in Mendoza for a week I’ll try to get some pics loaded and write more about the last fews days.

We did walking tours through the old town and rode bikes around a vineyard….and then tasted of course.  Ate some great food and seen so much.  Would like to go back one day just to wander around the hills and streets.

The bus trip through the Andes to Argentina was incredible…..parts of it not for the faint at heart!

Our apartment here in Mendoza is in a great location……very nice, a bit small but good enough…..and the owner picked us up at the bus depot which was a bonus.   After only one day here we decided to cancel our car rental….not necessary.  The owner is organizing some wine tours and tastings for us for pretty much what the car would have cost…..and certainly a lot less stress doing it that way.

Life here is so alive…..but it doesnt start until late at night.  Dinner at 9:30!  Glen has a hamburquesa and fries last night……he said Ken would definitely approved!

Today we’re off to explore the beautiful tree lines streets full of cafes and shops….many lively parks to wander around too.






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