Today is pedicure day and house cleaning, lunch with some of the kids and dinner with my daughter and Bev.

I’m feeling anxious, which I think is excitement and a little apprehension.  My first vacation rental type trip with friends, Buddy the cat having his issues and leaving my daughter to deal with him and whatever might happen.  I’m so lucky to have my friend Bev!!  She is going to come over every day and help hold Buddy while he gets his fluids.  I don’t know how I’ll ever repay her for everything that she does for me…..and making her dinner every now and again just isn’t enough!

I’ve never had a pedicure…..I think it’s just weird that people have to touch your feet.  I don’t even like touching my feet!!  It’s another first for me….I’m getting good at those.  Everyone tells me I’ll love it but we’ll see.

I know I’ve packed way too much as usual. The good thing is that there is still room in my luggage and it’s expandable.  I’m not sure what I’ll buy…….which is what I always say….but I seem to have to use that expansion on just about every trip….or as I’ve had to do on occasion… another bag.  But really….what is there to buy in Chile or Argentina??  Food, but I won’t be bringing that home, except maybe on my hips!

I’m off bright and early tomorrow morning so my next blog post won’t be for a few day.  I hope it’s from bright, sunny and warm Valparaiso.

I’ll go over my list AGAIN before I go out this morning just to make sure I haven’t forgot anything.  I think I’m good but you never know……



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