Bad Hair Days

That’s what I’ve been having a lot of lately.  I had decided to let my hair grow for this holiday so I could just put it up and be done with it….but yesterday I couldn’t stand it anymore…’s at that length right now where it’s too much trouble to blow dry straight-ish, too long to just let go curly and the parts/crowns…..lots of nasty parts all over….the side, the back and those bangs…..going here, there and in every direction or falling flat as a pancake down my forehead…..argh!!!  So I made an appointment for tomorrow morning to have it cut.  I need something very low maintenance.  If my hair was thicker, it would be nice to just put some goop in it, scrunch it and let it dry on it’s own but that isn’t the case unfortunately.  I don’t know what she’ll be able to do but I’m hoping she’s got some good ideas.

This morning though, of course, I’m having a great hair day!!  Now I’m second guessing my decision to get it cut.  I’ll see how it progresses through the day and if my parts behave. The real test will be tomorrow morning.   I’m hoping is doesn’t cooperate because I really do think getting it cut is the most logical thing to do.

Lots to do this morning before the kiddies arrive.  I have to drop off my property utility tax payment, get to the sheet metal place to have a bigger hole cut in the piece I got for the tap that is now inside the garage (so that any spray doesn’t soak the drywall), pick up some groceries for dinner, maybe pick Buddy up from the vets (haven’t heard from them yet this AM).

I keep thinking there is something else I have to do….even with my list.  I’m not sure why I’m feeling so stressed because I really am pretty organized.  I don’t remember getting like this before…..maybe it’s because I don’t have anyone to delegate some of the jobs too, I don’t know.  It’s not the first vacation I’ve been on on my own so I don’t get it. I know my problems are pretty minor compared to a lot of peoples and I do try to put that into perspective….which does get me somewhat settled down…at least for a while.



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