Quiet-ish Day

And  a beautiful one too!  Sunny and warm….the best kind of day.

Laundry will go in shortly…..not sure exactly why, but when I go on holidays I have to have all my laundry done.  Sometimes that’s not a bad thing because I end up deciding to pack “just one more tee shirt” that was buried at the bottom of the basket.  But then again, I usually don’t end up needing that extra shirt…..oh well.

Buddy the cat is at the vets, poor guy.  Even with us giving him his fluids, he was pretty dehydrated and constipated.  I seen him straining in the litter box and suspected that there might be a problem.  I hope he’s going to be OK.  Even though he’s been eating pretty good, he lost a whole kilo, which is a lot for a cat.  I didn’t think he’d gained weight but was surprised that he’d lost so much.  I’m waiting to hear from the vet this morning……we may have another tough decision to make.  He seemed happy enough, doing his usual going outside, sleeping in his basket or on my bed, eating, drinking etc. but who knows what is really happening inside that little body.  My fingers are crossed that he recovers and we can bring him home today or tomorrow.

This afternoon is card day…..Bev’s doggie is off to the groomers, so we thought we’d have a game or two and lunch of course.

After dinner I’ll head to the mall to pick up the last bit of stuff….new sun screen, since I got rid of all the old stuff under the bathroom sink!!  I’m not sure what else I really need.  I’ll also go the foreign exchange kiosk and get some Chilean pesos and a couple of hundred US dollars, which they will take too.

I’ve also got to get my income tax done before I go.  I’m doing it myself since it’s not very complicated, certainly not anything like last years with all the estate stuff.

And I’ve got to go online and see what kind of package I can get for my phone for out of country use……I think it’s something like $70 for one month of unlimited texting and calling.  Not sure if I’ll need it but not a bad thing to have just in case.  We used to have a “world phone”, which was great because we could just change out the SIM card when we went away, but the new technology has made that redundant now.

Even though I think I’m pretty organized, it’s this last week that I always feel that bit of a crunch to get everything done.  It’s worse now since there is only me to go it.  So many little jobs that Ken would have done like putting money in the travel account, getting the cash for the vacation, phoning the alarm company…..it all helped take the stress out of vacation prep!

But I’m getting used to just doing it all now……I just DO IT!

I’m babysitting tomorrow…..was going to go to their house and do a cleaning day for them, but I think I’ll get them to bring the kids here….and truthfully one missed day at their house won’t make that much of a difference.  I can do my ironing and last minute cleaning while they’re playing…..maybe I’ll get them to help me pack!!  It’s supposed to be nice out again tomorrow so they’ll definitely be outside ….I can puddle around out there too.  Karter likes to use the long magnet thing to find all the leftover nails and screws from the garage construction…..I give him a nickel for each one.  If they left in the grass, they can become projectiles when the guys are cutting the grass….not a good thing!



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