Round and Round It Goes

That’s everything in my head this morning… much so that I had to get up and make a list!!

I’m pretty organized but it still seems like there is a ton of stuff to do…..some that doesn’t even have to be done now, or before I go, but I think about it anyway.

That’s OK…..I wanted to get up early, maybe not quite that early though…..5:30!  The list is made now so I feel much better and none of it seems that urgent once I did that…..

It’s a beautiful day…..nice and sunny, even warming up so no coats needed.  The weather is supposed to be great for the next few days which makes me want to get out in the yard and do something…..but that’s isn’t on my list and it can wait.

I have a woodpecker, or really they’re a type of flicker, making a hole, or two, in one of my trees.  I guess, since the one they made last year was in the tree that feel down in November in a windstorm, they needed to find a new spot.  I watched them last year from across the street, this year I have a front row seat.  It’s pretty amazing…..and noisy!!

Ken would have really enjoyed watching this guy building his knew home!

Buddy the cat seems to be doing OK….we’re off to the vet for his weekly shot today and a weigh in.  I’m hoping he put on an ounce or two….he’s so scrawny looking but seems happy enough doing all his usual stuff around here.  I do worry a lot about him and my daughter having to deal with it while I’m gone.  He has to have his fluids every day, but I’m not sure how that’s going to work because it’s a two person job.  My friend Bev said she’d help out a couple times a week and the rest of the time my daughter will take him in to the vets to have it done… may have to be every second day because she does have to work and getting home and him in there by 5 could be a bit tricky some days.  I hope it all goes OK because she doesn’t need anything else to worry about.  She’s really more than capable of dealing with it but I feel kind of bad having to leave when it has to be done…..I know I wouldn’t like to deal with it on my own.

Time to start ticking things off that list!!





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